Swimming Pool With Diving Board in Humble

The Best Halloween Pool Decoration Ideas

In Party Planning by celement

Calling all pool owners!  Are you a Halloween fanatic?  Then this blog is for you.

It’s time to take out the spooky decorations; the ghosts, spiders, witches, pumpkins…It’s time to bring it all out.  And once you have it out, visualize how you want your pool “dressed” up for the scary occasion.  Skeletons are great around the backyard garden; spiders and miniature ghosts can hang from a nearby tree or at the rims of your terraced roof.

But when it comes to your swimming pool, there’s nothing better than adding Halloween decoration to the event:


There’s nothing better than orange, green and black balloons to float on your pool.  Make sure that they’re filled with air (not helium) and let it float for as long as the party lasts.

Pool Party Color Dye

If you really want your pool to have a hallow effect then this is it!  The Pool Party Color Dye is great to convert your pool into a spooky atmosphere.  One of the most popular colors is red, giving a scary look to your pool.  You may want to add a skeleton or dress up as Dracula to make it complete.

Lights à la Maxim

Maxim, famous for its food and decorations, uses the most simple spooky element of all…lights.  Just replace your regular light bulbs to an orange or green color…it’s that easy!


The greatest decor of all.  It can be any Halloween themed float or a famous character that will help you host your party.  You can also create floating Jack-o-Lanterns for a more friendly hallows night.

Cauldron Hot Bath

Use the green Pool Party Color Dye and add a floating witch’s spoon or a statue of a witch stirring the pot.  You can add some floating bats and spiders for that Eeeech! Effect.