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Off-Season Swimming Pool Renovations

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Surprisingly enough, one of the perks of living in the Lone Star State is being able to use a pool year-round. However, we do have the occasional freeze come through, but that does not mean you have to close your oasis. On the contrary, Texans find a way to enjoy the pool. Of course, early spring through summer is often the busiest time of year for in-ground pool builders as scores of people make a move to enjoy the sun and the joy of having a swimming pool in their backyard.

We recently published a blog stating that the off-season is best for building a swimming pool. Well, it’s also a good time for pool renovations. Here lies the problem – we often get inspired when we see things looming on the horizon and overlook some of the more minor things that impact the big project. Some of these aspects are: 

  • The prospect of having the pool designed. 
  • Meet landscaping requirements. 
  • Having the proper permits organized and ready. 

These aspects are just as important as the look and design of your pool. It is essential to accommodate the right amount of time and focus on your personal needs to manage construction timelines and requirements. 

While everyone’s time frame and needs are different, let us go through some important details regarding the best time for a pool remodel: 

Fall and Winter 

According to many pool experts, fall and winter are the best times for a pool remodel. One of the most obvious reasons: it is off-season. You do not want to start repairs and remodels in the height of summer when your pool is in high demand. While other pool owners may only consider remodeling projects in the spring, booking your contractor in the fall would put you one step ahead. 

The Competition 

As the weather warms up and pool owners realize it’s time to complete their remodeling projects, everyone in town is looking for the best contractors. Waiting until spring to renovate a pool can put a homeowner in an awkward position. To maintain quality and time, skip the stress and get it going in the off-season. 

Spring for the Green

With any remodeling project, new ideas often arise in the course of the project. With pool remodels in particular, it is common for homeowners to want to change the landscaping around the pool. Fortunately, anyone can start early by considering these additions and new ideas. Save fall and winter for physical changes around the pool and reserve spring’s beautiful weather and ideal planting conditions to update your pool’s garden and design elements. 

Pool owners must keep the oasis in tip-top condition in the summer. Do not let busy schedules keep anyone from enjoying the showpiece of all summertime recreation. It’s never too early to start planning off-season pool renovations, so call Platinum Pools today for inquiries about Oasis remodeling ideas, pricing, and more information. Visit our website for a free quote.