Boogie Board Relay

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Your boogie board is no longer just for the ocean. Use this toy for your next pool party when you’re in the mood for competition.

What You’ll Need

You will need two boogie boards. Two ski ropes, and your backyard pool of course.

Two relay teams race against each other from one end of the pool to the other. While one player kneels on the board, another person standing on the ledge of the pool pulls them the length of the pool. The person that was kneeling on the boogie board and being pulled across the pool first, then trades positions with the “puller.” He/she then pulls that person back to the “starting” end of the pool. Two more players from the team repeat the two-legged trip. Continue until the first team finishes.

To ensure safety, you should have several adults around the pool in case of an accident. Also you may want to shorten the overall length of the pool by 5 feet so that the “puller” does not drag the “rider” into the walls at the ends of the pools.

Game idea from The Source For Youth Ministry: