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Fire Pit Areas

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Backyard living is a standard home custom for many homeowners. While adding outdoor kitchens, dining areas, terraces, outdoor TVs, and speakers throughout their yard, fire pit areas remain at the top of the list.

If a homeowner is looking for a backyard renovation, adding a fire pit into the equation can make a backyard cozier in the long run.  Setting up a fire pit goes well in warmer areas where spending time by the pool is a year-round activity.

In one of our past blogs, we covered the different styles and types of fire features.  Now, let’s take a look at those areas and how they adapt to a backyard:

Sunken Areas

Since the mid-1950s, sunken parlors became the rage, especially when designing mid-century homes. Today, you can see them appearing in backyards across the country.

A sunken lounge inspires an intimate conversation; it serves as a meditation spot or a place to sit and admire the landscape surrounding the backyard.  The shape of a sunken area can be round, square, rectangular, or other.  The pool designer will layout the best form to match the location.

Modern Fire Pit/Bench

A modern-designed home deserves a concrete fire pit and bench; it is the perfect way to go. It can be easily customized to work in smaller spaces and hooked into existing gas lines. Is there gravel in the yard?  Then, incorporating the same stone in the fire pit area pulls the whole look together.

Fire Pit and Lounge Area

A luxurious and comfortable option is to create a fire pit as the centerpiece of your outdoor family room. By adding large couches with end-tables is an excellent option.

Built-In Fire Pit and Seating Area

If a homeowner plans to build a seating area or already has a spot in the yard with built-in seating, then adding a fire pit as the perfect outdoor centerpiece.  Adding pillows and blankets can make it extra cozy.  Plus, adding space under the seats for storage is a plus.

Elevated Platforms

Some recent projects included an elevated platform with some water features and a fire pit gathering area.  Usually, these are close to a pool and can be in any shape to accommodate the design.  In most cases, the outdoor furniture goes well, or adding oversized cushions can make them more eclectic.

Landscaping-Adapted Fire Pit Areas

If the homeowner has a heavily landscaped backyard, then incorporating a fire pit can be creative and adaptable to the surroundings.  For example, if there is a slope, then adding a walkway towards the gathering area works very well.  

 A fire pit instantly adds poetic beauty and understated elegance. There are many designs and sizes to choose from and selecting propane gas or wood-burning option. Concrete, steel, and brick are some of the materials used to build one.

However, if choosing a propane gas pit, fire glass is the best option.  It comes in various colors and has many advantages; it doesn’t discolor, melt, or burn.  Best of all, fire glass media are non-toxic, smokeless, and produces no ash or soot.

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