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Building a Swimming Pool on a Slope

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We have good news if you have always dreamed of a swimming pool but hesitated because your yard is sloped.  It’s common to build a pool on a hill or slope.  At Platinum Pools, our designers have experience preparing layouts that fit your backyard, even if there is a slope.

Lawns are rarely entirely level, so some leveling is usually required.  However, with thoughtful design and planning, a pool builder can use your lawn’s natural slopes or hills to your advantage and use the landscape to create a custom pool.

Building a Pool on a Sloped Backyard

An experienced contractor can level the ground and install the pool of your dreams in various ways.  For example, if your yard is only slightly sloped, it’s common to level the ground to create a flat surface.

The designer can offer several alternative solutions if your yard has a steep slope.  For example, building retaining walls or terracing creates a leveled appearance that may be necessary.  The bottom line is that several solutions exist for building pools on slopes, whether the angle is shallow or steep.

Retaining Walls for Pools on a Slope

As mentioned earlier, retaining walls can help you build a swimming pool in a sloping yard.  They allow you to restrict higher points in your yard from lower areas, ensuring that water does not run into the pool (or some other undesirable spot).  They can also serve as dazzling design elements with water features or seating and entertainment areas.

Building a retaining wall for a pool on a slope provides crucial support and adds an attractive and functional flair to your pool’s design.

Infinity Pools for a Sloped Yard

Infinity edge pools in a sloped yard create the illusion of a never-ending stream of water, making them the perfect choice for sloping backyards.  The water collects in a reservoir making it a practical solution for steeper slopes.  Some homeowners work with the existing topography to build a high wall against the pool with an infinity waterfall if your goal is to create a stunning “million-dollar view.”

negative edge pool

Terraces for Pools on a Slope

In addition to infinity pools and retaining walls, multi-level terraces are another reliable and attractive solution for building a pool on slopes.  Terraces are ideal for extreme slopes where traditional retaining walls are less visually appealing.  With their staircase-like appearance, terraces add an elegant touch to any swimming pool.  Plus, terracing offers additional benefits:

  • It’s perfect for installing a waterfall, pool slide, or spa, adding value and the “wow factor.”
  • It provides better access to the sun, ideal for tanning and soaking up rays.

Pool and Deck Features for Sloped Backyards

Overall, there are many great options for pool decking.  A raised deck for an outdoor kitchen or seating area is attractive.  For a dynamic look, use multiple decking materials, such as a combination of artificial grass and travertine.

Waterfalls are charming and help solve the problem of steep terrain that otherwise gets in the way of your finished project.  Fortunately, there are numerous options for waterfalls, depending on what the topography requires. 

Tropical trees, large boulders, and ground cover are essential to absorb and redirect runoff water and debris.  Consider those that are both functional and artistic for the overall space.  Building a pool in a sloped backyard also requires careful planning for the elements.

Do not think of walls as an obstacle to your vision, but use them to your advantage to create a clean, crisp design that highlights your appreciation for architecture.  Tall stone or glass walls create a modern look and are ideal for small spaces and urban themes.  You could include a hidden staircase that leads down to the pool.

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