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Pool Bridges

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Some homeowners are turning their backyards into a relaxing retreat, allowing them to enjoy an outstanding, year-round vacation.  A beautiful pool, gorgeous landscaping, and cozy outdoor decor are all part of a fantastic backyard.  Why not take it further and build a bridge for your swimming pool?

Swimming pool bridges are a fantastic way to round out a truly exotic and exquisite outdoor family room, and they also enhance the style of the pool landscape.  The best part is that swimming pool bridges are not just for pools with lazy rivers only!  Some are subtle and modern, while others are a throwback of the classic arched design that is a perennial favorite, but all promise to lead into your dream backyard.

Faux Wood Bridge

Escape into your Dream Backyard

Swimming pools have become much more elaborate and detailed in recent years.  Adding a bridge to your pool is about much more than mere aesthetics, and it looks much more impressive when you have a pool that goes beyond a simple square pool and a few patio chairs.  Homeowners are willing to invest in recreating the magic they experienced on one of their trips to an exotic island!

Now it is possible to bring it into their backyards.  For example, a tropical bridge is the latest trend in design, leaving behind classic wooden bridges.  On the other hand, many prefer a discreet stone bridge to combine with a Japanese garden.  For those who want classic, there is the beautiful arched wood-a-like bridge over a pool or a water feature.  No matter what you choose, it provides an overall setting for a great outdoor space for relaxing and meditation.

stone arch bridge

Mediterranean Pool Bridges

A beautiful bridge over the pool and Mediterranean garden landscape blend in beautifully.  The material used for the bridge should harmonize with the look and hues of the surrounding area, making it a natural extension of the pool environment.  The options range from classic Spanish colonial style to eye-catching stone bridges.

Mediterranean bridge

Modern-Style Pool Bridges

You can still give your modern pool an elegant bridge with a modern design that is both simple and minimalist.  An elegant bridge with metal railings is often the preferred choice.  If your house has a small pool or a swimming pool as part of the entrance area, a bridge over it is a beautiful way to welcome your guests.

modern style bridge


Sure, steppingstones over a swimming pool cannot quite match the dramatic beauty of a bridge, but there are moments when that’s all you need.  Most contemporary landscapes with a pool tend to use stepping stones.  They are elegant and visual but discreet and complement the backyard’s style.  It is an idyllic setting to a regular bridge but appealing to the surroundings of the oasis.

steppingstone bridge

For your swimming pool construction and design, Platinum Pools offers many pool accessories to outshine the beauty, environment, and visual appeal of your oasis.  Call us today or visit our website for a free quote.