Mother's Day Pool Party

Celebrate Mother’s Day by the Pool

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Mother’s Day is approaching, and we cannot help but look forward to another beautiful day celebrating those exceptional mothers in our lives. We look forward to honoring mothers worldwide and dedicating an entire day to these women who have influenced, loved, cared for, and encouraged us.

Before we get into the ideas of a Mother’s Day celebration, let us remind you that the swimming pool industry is not only about pools in the backyard; it’s so much more! It is all about family life and the outdoor lifestyle. We can celebrate our mother by relaxing in an oasis. With a Platinum Pool in your backyard, you have many opportunities to host family gatherings and create long-lasting memories. With a beautiful oasis in your backyard, a day honoring your mother can be like a relaxing day in the mountains while listening to the waterfall gently flowing into your swimming pool. Or your day honoring your mother could feel like you have escaped the chaos of life and are relaxing at a tropical resort. The convenience of your swimming pool allows you and your family to stay home, spend time together, celebrate special moments, relax, unwind, and have fun playing together too! 

Mother’s Day Pool Party Tips

Food, Glorious Food!

No party is successful without food. But you do not want your mom working away in the kitchen on her special day, do you?

Here are three culinary options for your Mother’s Day pool party that will help your mom relax on her special day:

Potluck Party

Potlucks! The classic way for every celebration, and they still work well today. When you invite your guests to a potluck party, they bring their best dish for everyone in attendance to enjoy. You can create a list of dishes to distribute among your guests to bring to the party. You can also choose a theme for the potluck party.

Hire a Caterer

Hiring a caterer is something you should consider! Believe it or not, a caterer is often cheaper than having dinner with your family and extended family at a restaurant depending on the size of the group. Many are available to provide an extensive menu of food to choose from, including drinks, desserts, and sometimes, even waiters.

Barbecue Time!

In most cases, hiring a cook is a great solution. If the grill is your thing, check for caterers specializing in outdoor cooking. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can also hire a caterer to do the grilling for you in your outdoor kitchen.

Get Festive!

Pastel-colored tablecloths and flowers are eye-catching and can combine perfectly with the colors of your swimming pool. You can ask your kids to help you inflate and set up balloons to float on the pool.

Don’t Forget the Guests!

Since you will have relatives at your home, prepare a basket with water bottles and towels if someone wants to go swimming in the pool.

Party favors are also a must for any party. Just go to a party favor store and buy a few for the honored mom and her female guests. A crown for the honored guests goes well with this special occasion.

Pool Safety

Remember that your mom is the queen, and she should not be cooking or serving. But this time, it’s a pool party. Everyone from great-grandparents to the youngest will want to dip in the oasis. Organize some of your family members to take turns as “lifeguards.” Remember that SAFETY COMES FIRST.

Remember that Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mothers in your life and thank them for all they do. From all of us at Platinum Pools, Happy Mother’s Day!