2022 Pool Trends

Pool Design Trends in 2022

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Since the COVID -19 pandemic began, people’s lives have changed by leaps and bounds.  The demand for swimming pools skyrocketed across the country in the last two years, and as many work from home and spend their vacations in the backyard.  Vacations are now an integral part of many people’s lives, and backyards have become our new vacation spots.

As the pool industry grows, pool designers and potential buyers are always looking for new custom designs for inground pools.  After all, we are taking it upon ourselves to improve our lifestyles. 

Let’s learn about the hottest trends for 2022 in pool design.

Small Pools

Plunge pools and cocktail pools are all the rage.  Smaller pools have become very popular for many reasons.  Backyards do not have room for a larger pool, families are smaller than they used to be, or you want a pool where you can sit back, relax, and unwind after a long day at work.


Spools are like spas in that they may have heaters and jets.  They are typically no larger than 4 feet deep and less than 80 square feet.

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools are very similar to spools but may not be heated and include jets. Like a spool cocktail pools typically are not deeper than 4 feet deep and are less than 80 square feet.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are also small but deeper than cocktail pools.  They do not have jets, but it is not impossible to install them.  Their size can vary, but they have a perimeter of 8 feet and are 8 to 16 feet deep.  These pools are apt for fitness enthusiasts who can do water aerobics in them without needing a larger pool.

LED Lighting

People are spending more time at home, and as inviting family and friends over becomes the norm, backyard gatherings rise again after long months of quarantine.

There’s nothing better than relaxing and entertaining by the pool on a hot day, which goes for the night.

The proper lighting for the pool and the entire garden can set the mood and bring an incredible atmosphere to the night.  The traditional all-white lighting of yesteryear is passé.  With 2022 comes a flood of bright colors with a choice of voltages and wattages.  The new accent lights can now reach hard-to-reach areas like steps, waterfalls, etc.

The latest state-of-the-art LED lights are brighter, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient by combining innovation and technology upgrades.  The new lighting control pads make it easier to control mood and ambiance.

Fire and Water Accessories

Many homes already feature waterfalls, fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits.  Have you ever thought of combining fire and water in one?

Fire and water bowls are an incredible element for 2022.  They are incredibly unique and can be customized to match the style of your pool.  Place the fire bowl on a pillar or retaining wall around the pool, and then add the water to cascade into the water.

If you want to go even further, building a fire pit with benches directly into the concrete pool is a new trend for 2022, but it comes at a high additional cost.

Tanning Shelves

Tanning shelves, also known as Baja shelves, are shallow areas in the pool’s shallow end where children can play, and people can relax with or without lounge chairs.  They are popular at many resorts, becoming a hot trend for backyard pool areas.

Pool Automation

Pool app systems let you control everything from pool equipment, water features, temperature, filter time, and LED lights, all available at your fingertips.  Automation is now a part of our lives, so it is good to use them for your pool and spa. 

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools, also known as Architectural pools, have clean, straight lines.  The pool is built to match the architectural style and materials of the house to create a unified, consistent look.  You can find these models as an extension of a home and are used primarily for high-end homes.

Tropical Style Pools

Until recently vacations to our resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico have been cut short or canceled.  So why not create the same memories in your backyard?

When we think of natural tropical-style pools, we usually think of open spaces, generally the norm.  However, when you look at 2022 homes, geometric, straight lines are also included.  These pools never go out of style, no matter what style you choose, paired with tropical landscapes, rock waterfalls, and more.

The trends for pool designs in 2022 that create a natural and tropical environment are endless.  It is impossible to explain many design ideas unless you choose a pool builder.  Remember that the style of your home, your lifestyle, and your yard’s creation are different from everyone else’s – so why should you design your pool like everyone else’s?  That’s why hiring a pool builder, and backyard pool specialist is essential.

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