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Pool Safety in 2022

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There is no question that certain safety features increase the value of an in-ground pool.  Integrating new technologies will play a significant role for pool buyers considering which features to add to their list.

There are more than a few intelligent safety features that will make your pool and spa a thoroughly enjoyable experience while providing you with peace of mind.  According to industry experts, below are five of the best safety features you can incorporate into your pool.

#1 – Safety Fence

Feel safer by adding a safety fence around the pool.  Installing a pool safety fence is a valuable safety feature and is becoming mandatory in some states in the country.  If you install a security fence around your pool, it will help keep outsiders invading the pool area.  These extra precautions are essential if you have small children or pets that can easily fall into the pool.

A fence with an automatic lock is also great, especially when purchasing home insurance.  Some companies may give you a discount, while others require the homeowner to install a pool fence before issuing a policy.  

#2 – Smart Fences and Pool Alarms

Another level of security is an intelligent pool alarm.  Today’s pool monitoring systems are up-to-date and act as virtual water monitors, continuously scanning the pool area for trespassing and early detection of emergencies.

One of the best ways to secure the pool area today is smart IoT and AI.  More and more people rely on technologies like Alexa and Siri, and forward-thinking homeowners are looking to similar devices to keep their pool & spa safe.

CamerEye is one of the leading intelligent pool alarm monitoring systems based on artificial intelligence.  According to the founder and CEO, he said that there is a need for smarter pool fences.  Homeowners often have no idea when children or pets are in the pool area. He also stated that placing an invisible boundary around the pool and getting an immediate notification is a game-changer, especially when a loved one is in distress.  It helps to prevent water tragedies.

In a recent study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), they investigated drowning incidents in Arizona, California, and Florida involving children under the age of four.  Forty-six percent of incidents studied stated that the children were at home, while adults did not expect the children to be near or close to a swimming pool in almost seventy percent of the cases.

#3 – Safety Covers

Safety covers for in-ground pools can be attached to the deck and are easy to remove.  Rainwater can drain safely through the cover’s dense mesh, while leaves and other debris stay dry and blown away.  Plus, they look great around the pool and can easily last over a decade.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is the second leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 4.  They said that most young children drowned in swimming pools when cared for by one or both parents at home.  Most drowning accidents happen in private swimming pools, especially if the children are out of a parent’s sight for five minutes.  The lack of a barrier to prevent unsupervised entry into the pool is one of the main reasons.

A durable pool cover is the best way to protect your family and your investment.  If no adult is supervising the pool, a safety cover is an effective way to keep children out of the water. The material in safety covers is of heavy-duty mesh or vinyl and covers the entire pool.

#4 – Safety Ledges

Pool safety ledges are popular in homes with young children or inexperienced swimmers.  A safety ledge is usually an 8-inch-wide area that extends from the shallow to the deep end.

The deep end of a conventional swimming pool typically has one ladder.  If someone is swimming on the opposite side of the deep end and gets tired or is in distress, a safety ledge provides a place to stand while they catch their breath safely.  They can use the shelf to return to the shallow end if needed.

#5 – Pool Lighting

Many overlook lighting as a safety-related product, yet it is an essential part of the mix.  An easy way to make a pool safer is to effectively light your pool and spa.  Pool lighting is not only a great way to enjoy the oasis into the evening hours, but it also saves lives.

Swimmers need to see where they are going, how far they can swim or dive to avoid hitting the ground or walls.  Seeing into the pool to determine when a swimmer is in distress is an absolute must. 

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