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Create your very own backyard winter spa!

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With all the rushing around and endless to do lists for the holiday season, you could use a day to relax and pamper yourself.  But if you’re bank account is a little low from gift shopping, a day at the spa may be too expensive.  With the mild Texas winter, you can create your own spa day in the backyard! Here are some tips and items to achieve ultimate relaxation.

Prep Your Spa Atmosphere

Start with one of the most important and useful features – your hot tub! Following the manufacturer’s instructions, get your hot tub to a comfortable soaking temperature.  Next, grab a few face and body towels, a large, wide bowl, and a foam pool float.  Lavender and chamomile-scented candles can also enhance the sensory experience. If you have outdoor speakers or a small Bluetooth speaker, find some relaxing music and let your worries start to fade away.

Homemade Spa Products

Spa products can be pricey, but you can make all-natural scrubs and masks from everyday foods and ingredients. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

Spa Day routine

Once you’ve set up the area and prepped your spa products, it’s time to start your relaxing spa day!  Using a small table, you can set up your products and extras so they’re close at hand.Here are some other ideas on how to make the most of your time.

  • Mini-pedicure – Using your pool float and towel, set up a comfortable seat next to the heated hot tub and soak those tired feet.  Next, fill the large bowl with warm water and set aside.  Using your homemade scrub, coat and scrub both feet.  To rinse, simply place your feet in the bowl and rinse off the scrub.
  • Pool side facial – Make use of the steam from your hot tub by sitting in or next to it and letting the steam open your pores.  Next, spread the avocado or honey face mask on your face and chest and let it absorb for the prescribed amount of time.  Using a damp towel, gently wash away the mask.
  • Add some romance – Get your husband or wife to join you in your spa experience, not only can you share some relaxing time together, but you can also give and receive massages – your coconut body butter will soothe all of your tired muscles.