Swimming Pool With Diving Board in Humble

The Diving Board – An All-Time Pool Favorite

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The swimming pool is the perfect place for family leisure. A classic pool accessory you can add to your pool is the diving board.  Although many believe that the diving board is a thing of the past, placing one in your sanctuary can convert your pool into an ideal playground for the whole family.  If you are into sports, this pool add-on is very convenient for diving practice.

Diving boards are for…diving into the water.  If you see a swimming pool with a board, it is placed on the deeper side of the pool.  Its construction, made of aluminum, or polyester and fiberglass, has an anti-slip finish to help avoid slipping accidents while diving into the pool.  Those who want to have a diving board may find a few in different shapes and colors, becoming a feature of art and beauty.

However, before you consider having a diving board with your swimming pool, there are facts to take into consideration – Installation and Safety.

Installation and Safety

Although you will have a great time in your swimming pool, it is always important to follow safety rules; especially if your oasis has a diving board:


  • Ask for Specifics – Before purchasing a diving board, ask how much weight it can hold. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have 5 or 6 people all at once on a board, which may cause it to break, resulting in an accident.  When buying a diving board with your new pool, ensure that it has an anti-slip surface to help avoid accidents.
  • How Deep is Your Swimming Pool? – You must take into account the depth of your pool. Of course, you are not installing a diving board where your pool is only three feet deep.
  • Warranty – Like most products, apart from having literature on safety standards and description of materials, it also has a warranty. The warranty will tell you the time of coverage and its details.
  • Professional Installation is Key – We strongly recommend a professional to install your diving board. We know that many people can install it themselves, but you want your pool decking and coping to be in top-notch shape.  A professional can ensure that the diving board is placed securely and correctly to make it reliable, and this is a good reason why you don’t take the installation of a diving board lightly.
  • Patio Size vs. Pool Size and the Diving Board – When you decide to have a swimming pool, a designer will tell you the layout that goes best, based on the size of your backyard. Before you decide on having a diving board, ask our experts if there is enough space, and depth in your pool, to have one.
  • Position – There must be a 10 feet distance between the diving board and other obstructions; for example, side walls of the pool, pool features, tanning ledges; etc. Also, keep in mind that the board may supersede the entrance area to the pool.


  • Who is Using a Diving Board? – As we mentioned before, those who love to practice diving will take advantage of the feature.  On the other hand, if you are looking to have it in your oasis, it is important to know who will be using it.
  • Under Observation – Don’t forget that the diving board is fun, but it also has its dangers. Keep an eye on children and those who may misuse the diving board.
  • The Right Way to Use a Diving Board – A diving board is an accessory that requires a right way to use it; otherwise, it will suffer damage and may cause injury to your family, friends or yourself. A basic rule in the use of the diving board is, whoever uses it should make sure that there is no one under the board or in the space where diving into the pool; otherwise, it could entail severe danger.

Some of our customers feel that the swimming pool is not a full aquatic experience without the diving board.  At Platinum Pools, our team of experts can design your dream pool using the best pool construction, so a diving board can be a fabulous addition to your oasis.   Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at 281.870.1600.