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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Without Dying Your Swimming Pool Water

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If you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day pool party, we all know St. Patty’s Day means green.  After all, it is the color of the occasion; it might be tempting to dye your pool to fit with the decoration.  But it is not good to use chemical dyes or other substances in your pool water.  Not only will you need pounds of dye to do so, but the clean-up afterward can be stressful.

Should You Dye Your Pool for a St. Patrick’s Day Party?

After featuring green color in many bodies of water across the US, many pool owners want the same look for their backyard oasis.  That’s not always a wise decision.  You need to pour gallons of green dye into the water to dye the pool.  These substances or chemicals negatively affect the pool’s chlorine and pH levels, leading to a bacterial infestation of the water.

Sometimes the water in your pool will turn cloudy green instead of bright green as expected.  In this case, you will have to enjoy the party next to a dirty pool.  You would not want that.

If the pool water is unbalanced, it can also make you sick.  In some cases, contaminated pool water leads to recreational waterborne illnesses.  You are many times more likely to get infected.  Even breathing near a contaminated pool can be harmful to you.

You Don’t Want to Damage Your Swimming Pool

If you use dyeing substances or chemicals in your pool water, it can also cause damage to the pool.  If you do not want to encounter either or both circumstances, you should refrain from using dyes to turn your pool green for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering.  After the party, you will need to scrub the tiles and deck to remove the dye stains, a task that requires a lot of time and labor.

Tips on Planning a Green Pool Party

Since chemical dyes are not safe for your pool, you need to think of other ways to have a themed pool party.  For St. Patrick’s Day, green is the right color you should choose.  But it would be best not to dye your pool with green dyes.  Instead, you can use green colored LED lights for the pool and hot tub.

The bright lights from LED create the right effect in the pool and make the water look green.  There is no need to dye the pool water to match the party theme.  These lights are not only easy to install but also bright and look great.

It is best to plan and get the right accessories to create a suitable theme in your backyard.  Choose party decorations, lights, and other elements in shades of green to make the right ambiance.  You can cook green-themed dishes and serve green cocktails in green cups to get in the party mood.

Also, add green pool accessories like balloons, floats, floating lights, and floating hats to your pool.  Whatever you decide, stay true to the theme for the best effect.