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Trending Pool Items for 2021

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At Platinum Pools, our designers are ready to provide a layout of what an oasis will look like in your backyard. It includes accessories like water features, tiles, waterfalls, grottos, and more.

Our clients like to shop around for items to use in their pool in many cases, and this is what our blog is about, other accessories. Keep in mind that we don’t sell the items we are about to talk about but to keep you in the loop on some of the popular pool artifacts.

Frog Pad

Some critters will get into your pool, including frogs. If they’re alive, they may want to get out of the pool. Here enters the Frog Pad, a convenient escape item for small creatures. It is an animal-saving ramp designed for swimming pools and ponds. Imagine a ramp that can save frogs, bees, lizards, rabbits, and other small creatures. It helps them to escape the dangers they face. There are many styles and designs available. However, green and black are eye-catching standard colors that are helpful for creatures to identify and guide animals to the ramp.  

Setting the Frog Pad only takes a few minutes to bring safety to animals. It is small and flexible, easy to carry, easy to roll up for minimal space storage, and easy to clean. The animal escape ramp has a durable oxford and mesh, with an inflatable swimming mat inside; durable and resistant that lasts a long time. The flat area has a waterproof effect, providing stable foot support for small creatures so that they can get up and avoid injury.

Inflatable Serving Bar

Summer is almost here. Despite the pandemic, a day in a backyard is a great way to enjoy family time. When it comes to refreshments, an outdoor kitchen is convenient, and so is an inflatable serving bar.  

Most brands provide two inflatable serving bars and a hand pump. Its design allows to fill it with ice, keeping food and drinks fresh for hours. Best of all, it is lightweight and portable. 

The size is good for accommodating multiple serving bowls and other food items. It is an excellent artifact for use in summer parties indoors or outdoors, such as pool parties, BBQ, cookouts, sports parties, beach weddings, camping, and reunions.

Lastly, it has a transparent plug to drain the water, and it is easy to store and use for the next party. 

Silicone Glasses

Save the environment with silicone glasses. Homeowners can now enjoy a beverage stress-free without creating garbage or, worse, serving in a crystal glass that can break. 

The manufacturers of silicone glass use a 100% top-rated food-grade silicone material and a platinum curing process.

There are other advantages of having silicone glasses:

  • Dishwasher Safe: put them in the dishwasher.
  • Travel Friendly: since they don’t break, these glasses can go in a backpack, purse, beach bag, or pocket.   
  • Perfect for that Hard-to-Shop-for Person: anyone who enjoys having a drink in the great outdoors will find the unbreakable wine glasses elegant. The stemless design looks great and fits comfortably in any size hand.

LED Light Balls

The amphibious LED pool lights are cordless and waterproof; excellent for swimming pools and other multiple uses like a night light, a mood light, or outdoor decor. Many pool owners also use them for parties and events.

The LED Light Balls come with a customizable feature to adapt them in any color, brightness, and mode (fade, smooth, flash, and strobe). Best of all, the sphere lights have a polyethylene and thick sealing ring, making it a waterproof item. Also, the sphere shells are integrally formed without gaps, allowing them to float on any water surface; even in extreme weather, they can still work well.  

The feature is rechargeable, and it can last up to twelve hours of light. It only takes three hours to charge fully.

Water Hammock

There are many pool floats to choose from but to fully relax in a swimming pool; there is nothing better than a water hammock.

The water hammock is a unique feature. It is a three-on-one inflatable item with 80% wider dimensions. It also converts to a lounge and drifter chair fitting for two people. 

It features a cool-weave fabric that contours to a desired floating position. The air pillows inflate and deflate quickly with duo-lock valves. Best of all, it is portable, so a homeowner can take it anywhere. Many people say that it is the easiest to get on and off while in the water.

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