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Easter Pool Games

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In one of our recent blogs, we wrote about how to throw a pool party for Easter.  Now let’s look at organizing an Easter scavenger hunt in a swimming pool.

Safety First

It is imperative to have adults supervise the pool and act as referees for any pool game.  Since we are talking about Easter, most guests may be ten years old or younger.  Therefore, it is best to separate them by age groups.  For example, the guests between three and five years old should be in the shallow part of the pool, while those aged from six to seven should be in the three to four feet deep area.  If they are eight and older and strong swimmers, they can go to the deeper site.  Making this choice makes the game not only fair but safer.

Two Versions of the Easter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Above Water

All you need for the scavenger hunt over water are empty Easter eggs floating in the pool.  Give the game a time of about two minutes (five minutes for children ages 3 to 5).  Everyone wins in this game; they can take them, whether they get one egg or twenty.  Everyone should play this game in groups divided by age.  But in the long run, the one with the most Easter eggs wins.

Scavenger Hunt Underwater

This version of the scavenger hunt is suitable for both teenagers and young adults.  Take Easter eggs and put some coins in them to have enough weight to stay underwater.  Seal the eggs and carefully drop them into the pool until they reach the bottom.  Once all the eggs are in the water, start the game.  Have the participants all dive into the pool at the same time.  The person with the most eggs wins.

You can also play the underwater version one at a time so that each participant has a chance to find all the eggs.  If you use the lighting of your pool LED in the early evening, the egg hunt will be even more enjoyable.

Another Easter Egg Game

Another classic and popular game is the Easter egg game, namely the spoon and egg game.  This game is suitable for participants who can swim.  All you need is an Easter egg (with coins in it) and a spoon to play this game.

Put the spoon in your mouth and put the egg on the spoon.  When you count to three, go underwater and swim from one end of the pool to the other with the egg on the spoon.  The first one to reach the other end wins all the eggs with coins.

With good supervision and safety, all water games can be fun.  

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On behalf of our staff at Platinum Pools, Happy Easter!