Easter Scavenger Hunt in Swimming Pool

Easter Scavenger Hunt – The Aquatic Edition

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In our last blog, we talked about how to organize an Easter Pool Party.  Now, we take a look at how to organize an Easter Scavenger Hunt…in a swimming pool.

First, make sure that you have adults who can be referees and supervisors in the swimming pool.  Second, divide the kids into groups by age.  If there are small guests between the ages of 3 and 5, have them on the shallow part of your swimming pool.  Kids from 4 to 7 should be in the three to four feet deep area.  Anyone from 8 years and older, if they know how to swim, place them in the six to eight feet deep area. When you do this, it not only makes the game fair but makes it safer as well.

There are Two Ways to do the Easter Scavenger Hunt by the Pool:

Scavenger Hunt Above Water

For the above water scavenger hunt, all you need is empty Easter eggs floating in the pool.  Time the game for approximately two minutes (five minutes for kids aged 3 to 5).  The person with the most eggs when the time runs out wins.  In this game everyone wins; no matter if they get one or twenty eggs, they can take them with them.  This game should be played by dividing into groups based on age.

underwater easter scavenger hunt

Underwater Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt version is great for both teenagers and young adults.  Take Easter eggs and place a few coins in them to make them weigh enough to stay underwater.  Seal the egg and, gently, drop them into the pool until they reach the bottom.  Once all eggs are in the water, start the game.  Have the participants dive into the pool all at the same time.  The person with the most eggs wins.

You can also play the underwater version individually, letting the participant have the opportunity to find all of the eggs.  Using your pools’ LED lights in the early evening makes the egg hunting even more interesting.

easter egg and spoon pool game

Another Easter Egg Game

There is another classic Easter egg game that is popular to play, and it can be done in the water too, it’s the Spoon and egg game.   This game is recommended for participants who know how to swim.  To play this game all you need is an Easter egg (with coins inside) and a spoon.

Hold the spoon in the mouth and place the egg on the spoon.  On the count of three, go underwater and swim with the egg on the spoon from one end of the pool to the other.  The first one to reach the other end wins all the eggs with coins.

With good supervision, and safety, all water games can be fun.  Happy Easter!

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