Variable Speed Pump

The Benefits of Using a Variable Speed Pump to Run Your Swimming Pool System

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We at Platinum Pools have the goal to provide our clients with a way to create beautiful lasting memories.  When a customer visits one of our offices, we provide them with vital information about pool design and durability based on their ideas, the available space in the backyard, and how often they may be using their future custom pool.  Some customers may only want a simple swimming pool, while others may want to go all-out, with different add-ons like a fountain, a spa, or maybe even both.  In most cases, our customers end up going with a swimming pool/spa combo with some their favorite features added on.

Is a Variable Speed Pump Right For You?

When choosing a pump to go with your swimming pool you need to make sure that the pump you purchase fits with everything your oasis has to offer.  How many gallons of water does the pool hold, how often will the pool be in use, does the system have more than just the swimming pool, and the weather (yes, weather) all play an important role in making your decision.  If you live in an area where it’s warm most of the year, then the pool pump will be in operation more days out of the year than not.  When the time comes to choose a swimming pool pump, we highly recommend selecting a variable speed pump. Even though the initial cost of a variable speed pump is higher, due to its higher efficiency, purchasing a variable speed pump will end up saving you money over the lifetime of your pool due to its energy efficiency.


Single Speed Pump
Cheaper Initial Cost
Variable Speed Pump
More Expensive Initial Cost

Single speed of 3450 RPM



Variable Speeds between 600 and 3450 RPM

(Adjusts to pool’s need)



Single Horsepower


Full Range of Horsepower



Higher Operational Costs


Lower Operational Costs





Easier to control flow





Silent (No noise contamination)


Now that you can see the comparison check out this vital information about swimming pool pumps *:

  • Can account for 25% of your electric bill.
  • Consumes more energy than a refrigerator.
  • Can cost over $400 per year to operate.


How Does a Variable Speed Pump Save Energy?

Variable speed pumps save energy by operating at different speeds throughout the day. In the simplest form, the lower the RPM of the running pump, the more energy is being saved.  Let’s say you lowered the RPM by 50%; then there will be a 75% energy savings. Or, say you reduce speed to 66%, then the savings in energy goes up to 89%.  Don’t ever think that the RPM percent lowered is equal to the percentage of energy saved.

How Important is the Cost of Electricity and the Variable Speed Pump?

Answer: Extremely Important!   According to the US Energy Information Administration, the average cost of electricity per kilowatt in the state of Texas as of January 2018 is 10.85 cents in residential areas**.  With the cost of electricity continuing to rise think about all the money a more efficient pool system could be saving you. With how popular swimming pools are in the state of Texas you should consider how important it is to have a variable speed pump in your pool.


According to Jandy*** by having a variable speed pump for your pool, you can save a whole lot more than what you may even imagine.  Here is their breakdown of possible savings:

Specs Before After
Turnovers per Day 7.9 1.0
Run Time 24 hrs. per day 9.5 hrs. per day
Cost per Day $6.12 25¢
Cost per year $2,233.80 $93.86
Savings per Day $5.87
Savings per Year $2,143.42

***Source:  Based on 20,000-gallon pool size with a kW-h rate of 12¢, and the pump size of 1.5 horsepower

Since Texas has a warm climate most of the year, the pool pump doesn’t get a break and runs all year long.  Even though our area in Southeast Texas falls under the average cost of electricity for the nation, you should always look for ways to save energy to help your wallet and the environment.

You Get What You Pay For

We find some clients who will complain about the initial price of a variable speed pump.  However, buying a variable speed pump should not be looked at as an initial expense, but as an investment:

Variable Speed Pumps

  • Work Efficiently
  • Save Energy
  • Have Less Noise
  • May be Eligible for Rebates. (A lot of power companies offer discounts if you notify them that your pool runs with a variable speed pump)
  • Work Perfect for Custom Pools with Water Features, Fountains, and Spas
  • Control your Pump with a Smartphone App

It’s always good to ask questions on how you can save energy when the time comes to build a pool.  Our experts at Platinum Pools are ready to walk you through the process, including selecting the best pumps for your future oasis.  Call us at 1.281.870.1600 (Houston), 1.409.898.4994 (Beaumont), or 1.361.576.0183 (Victoria) or visit our website for a free quote.