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Enjoy Valentine’s Day by the Pool

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Valentine’s Day has arrived, the time to express love and affection to your significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other loved ones through sweet gestures like giving out candy and flowers.  However, it is important not to forget about another group that cherishes Valentine’s Day: your children.  Remember when you exchange little Valentine’s Day cards with your friends in elementary school?  At Platinum Pools, we believe that Valentine’s Day is for everyone.  It’s all about love, and what better way to celebrate it than with a pool party!  Host a grand celebration with your loved ones and friends.  With a pool in your backyard, you have the perfect place to spend quality time and enjoy the day.

Prepare your Pool

Ensure your pool is clean and ready before setting up decorations and preparing food.  The morning is the best time to remove any debris and test chemical levels in your pool.  You don’t want to waste time removing leaves from the water during the party.

Safety Comes First

It is essential to be vigilant of your guests, particularly if you plan on serving cocktails.  It is advisable to inform your guests about the areas surrounding the pool that tend to be slippery and suggest they exercise caution.  Have a first aid kit available in case of accidents and something to help with breathing if required.

Valentine Décor

Red, white, and pink balloons can go a long way when decorating your backyard for a special occasion.  You can easily create a bunch of them and tie them together on a chair or fence to add color to your outdoor space.  The LED lights in your pool can also help create a festive atmosphere.  If your pool has a lighting system that can change colors, even better!  You don’t have to stick with red and pink – pastel colors like mint green, lilac, or pale yellow can also look great.

Look for waterproof tablecloths in solid colors in red, pink, or a combination of colors for the table.  You can also extend this color scheme to include a variety of pastel colors since it is reusable for any occasion.

Planning Food

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate for many of us.  A great way to celebrate the occasion is by putting bowls of chocolate candies around the outdoor dining area.  You can also prepare some treats in advance, such as a heart-shaped jello with whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate, traditional party sandwiches, and brownies.  Are you in the mood for some outdoor cooking?  Heart-shaped burgers are a hit at any Valentine’s Day pool party.  And if you’re not convinced that sushi is a suitable option for a Valentine’s Day pool party, think again.  An assorted sushi tray is an excellent addition to any Valentine’s Day pool party menu.

Planning a Valentine’s Day pool party that everyone will remember is easy if you follow these simple steps.  Make sure to buy decorations, prepare delicious food, and get your pool ready.  And most importantly, have fun!  If you’re having a good time, your guests will too.

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