LED Pool Lights

LED Lights – Adjust to any Pool and any Holiday

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Homeowners get up to date with the decoration at their homes. So, what about changing the swimming pool lighting to led lights?

Why Use LED Pool Lights?

  • Last Longer: LED bulbs have a 50,000-hour duration. 
  • Bright Lights: They have a superior design and geometry lens that increase the intensity and color effects across the bottom of the pool. 
  • Pre-Set Colors: now, they have a pre-set colors and programming for creating a light show in a backyard.
  • Energy Efficient: There are some LED bulbs that save 89% in electricity compared to incandescent and halogen lights. 


Here is an example: As of now, the national average price for electricity is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. So how much does it cost to run a pool eight hours a day, 365 days per year? An incandescent bulb can cost $140 per year, while a LED bulb is only $14 per year. Imagine! A $126 savings annually.

Now, if an incandescent light bulb costs much less than a LED bulb costs, then where is the savings?  

  • A LED bulb can hypothetically last up to 17 years (50,000 hours at 8 hours/day)
  • A incandescent bulb may last around eight months (2,000 hours at 8 hours/day) 
  • A homeowner needs to purchase over 25 incandescent light bulbs before needing to replace 1 LED bulb!
  • It does not include the difference per month on an electric bill! 

LED Lights at Work

LED lights are small light bulbs gathered into an electrical circuit in the lamp. Contrary to incandescent light bulbs, they don’t have a filament, so they last longer. These lights run much cooler and longer. The best part; LED pool lights will continue to work even if one burns out.  

The lights can change colors without a filter, where incandescent pool lights cannot. A homeowner can click a button to activate a beautiful color show in your swimming pool with LED lights.

The Fun Part of LED Lights

If a homeowner is looking for a satisfying backyard pool experience, then an LED light system can do the trick. Here are other benefits:  

  • LED lights create a sparkling effect on water surfaces in the evening
  • Vibrant mood-enhancing colors
  • Use the pool into the evening 
  • Create a dramatic pool environment 
  • It creates a safe environment and promotes night-time visibility 
  • Enhances water accessories like gushers, pencil jets, waterfalls, spas, and more 
  • It helps to highlight walls, decks, and architectural designs in the backyard 

Set the Mood

The magic of pool lighting can create a backyard universe extending far beyond a swimming pool. Investing in LED pool lights with a built-in modulator and remote control allows the homeowner to create a magical environment. There are even installations with digital regulation, allowing to program and synchronize lights. 

No matter if it is a birthday, a holiday, or just being in a festive mood, pool lighting allows to create the desired backyard ambiance.