Concrete vs Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass vs. Concrete Pools, What’s Better?

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The debate and research for which type of pool is better continues! Should I build a traditional concrete gunite pool? Or is the flashier and newer trend of fiberglass better for me? Though there are a ton of answers out there, a home owner should do research and make an educated decision on the best fit for their own home. Most resources on the web can be biased at times. You’ll get an array of different answers that will often benefit the pool builder more than then yourself. So don’t be fooled!

Platinum Pools is here to guide you into making the most educated decision when looking to build a pool. We’ve compiled a few tips to help decide between fiberglass and traditional concrete pools. You can always contact us, and talk to a pool expert today. Get all your questions answered and be confident about building your dream pool.

Go With a Concrete Pool

You should go with a concrete pool if…

  • You are concerned about longevity and overall lifespan of your pool. Concrete pools are known to
    survive for decades. (With proper care)
  • You love warranties! There are a lot of warranties out there for concrete pools that help further down the road
  • You want a unique and custom pool. Looking to create the next Pool Picasso? Your best bet is to go concrete!
  • Size matters. You have more options for a bigger and deeper pool.
  • You want certain specific features added to your pool. Concrete pools allow for a lot of customization from beach entries to rock waterfalls and much more.

Go With a Fiberglass Pool

You should go with a fiberglass pool if…

  • You are happy with a small to medium sized pool. Unfortunately, there are limits with fiberglass pool sizes.
  • You want to deal with less week to week, and monthly maintenance.
  • You want a smooth surface and feel. No one’s foot will be cut up with a nice fiberglass pool.
  • You want a pool that will last a lifetime! Both concrete and fiberglass pools offer a great lifespan.
  • You can’t stand the heat and need a fast install. Fiberglass pools are known to have a much quicker and easy installation process.

Find Out What Pool Type Works Best for You

Whether you’re looking at fiberglass or concrete pools, each type has its own drawbacks and advantages. The decision is ultimately up to you to decide and figure out what is the best fit for your backyard. Ask your pool builder and find out more information about both choices. Conduct more research about your HOA and see if there are any restrictions.