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What You Need to Know About Fire Feature Glass and Lava Rocks

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Texans love to have a fire pit in their backyards.  It is the natural element that brings families and friends together, provides warmth during the fall and winter months, and gives a romantic moment under a full moon. However, when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your fire pit, there are many options available.  While ceramic logs are the most common, fire glass and lava rocks provide a better choice and adds beauty to your area.

Fire Pit Glass & Lava Rocks

What is Fire Glass?

Fire glass is an excellent option for your fire pit.  It is a tempered glass that offers reflective capabilities, with various color options.  Contrary to regular glass, tempered glass has a polished texture to prevent sharp edges while providing heating properties.  If you have a gas fire pit, fire glass is a great option since the tempered glass withholds high temperatures. This means that it won’t melt, burn or discolor.  Another advantage of using it in gas-fueled fire features is that they are non-toxic, smokeless, and produces no ash or soot.

It will not burn, melt, or discolor; it will last forever when appropriately utilized. If over time there is dust build up, you can scoop it out to wash and rinse it with ordinary dish detergent.

Glass Fire Media for Fire Bowl

Types of Fire Pit Glass

Classic Fireglass – This type of fire glass has a jagged crystal look for a crushed glass appearance. It comes in 1/4″ and 1/2″ sizes in a variety of colors.

Premium Fireglass – This features a polished surface, offering a mirrored finish and creates a colorful display.  During the day the reflective mirror on the glass will reflect the sun and shine, creating a dynamic look even without a fire burning.

Firebeads – Many people choose this type of glass for its uniform shape and contemporary features.  It offers a more polished and reflective appearance.

Recycled Fireglass – This type of fire glass has an eco-friendly result.  The product gets re-fired using the same process as all other types of fire glass.  The recycled glass comes in two different size ranges, 1/2″ or 3/4″ and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Zircon Fireglass – This media has a diamond-shaped glass for a lustrous appeal. When used in your fire feature, zircon glass will offer a luxurious appearance that will enhance your fire feature.

Lava Rocks – Another Media Option?

Lava rock is another type of fire media.  It is a naturally occurring rock that is porous, relatively light, and contains no moisture.  When it comes to decorating a gas fire feature, this rock supersedes the rest.  River rocks are great for decorating but not for a fire pit since they hold small amounts of water inside and the steam will cause them to explode.  So, if you are looking for a rock décor for your pit, consider lava rocks.

Many fire pit owners prefer using lava rock as fire feature fillers. Lava rocks are dry, porous, and contains an undisclosed element that absorbs heat.    It is an efficient media to increase fire pit combustion while provides a classic rugged look.

Lava Rock Fire Media

Fire Glass or Lava Rock?

Although both media are good conductors of heat, you ultimately should decide to go what is best fitting for you.  Keep in mind the following:

Fire glass absorbs the heat better and can exude more heat while it gives shine, color, and beauty.  It helps to disperse the heat evenly and keeps the area warmer.

On the other hand, lava rock provides a rustic look.  Even if the lava rock fire media cost less, it doesn’t provide all of the same options that fire glass does.  But, if you like the beauty and vibe that a lava rock gives, then there is good news.  Lava stones and fire pit rocks come in various sizes and colors, so it offers room for variety.

In the long run, it is a personal preference, and it doesn’t have to be permanent.  Whether you enjoy a natural look or more sparkle, the options are limitless.

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