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Adding Rain Descents To Your Pool

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When deciding on what features you want on your new backyard pool there are many different pool add-on options to choose from. Some of the most popular options to add to a pool are water features. In this post, we are going to focus on one water feature, rain descents.

What is a Rain Descent?

A rain descent (also known as water curtain) is a water feature added to a swimming pool to create a visual effect – in this case, the sound & the illusion of a wall of rain.  It produces a solid sheet of water produced in a sheer descent waterfall.  Some rain descents can be in stand-alone structures, almost like a frame. Others fall from the side of a structure like a pergola or an awning that overlaps the pool.

Are There Different Rain Descent Shapes Available?

A rain descent can go in a straight line or curve. When it comes to a swimming pool, the water feature provides a curtain of water that you may like for, an in-pool bar, or to have décor to match the rest of the pool design.  No matter what reasons you may have, rain descents save space and are an alternative to the typical water fountain.

How Does a Rain Descent Work?

Rain descents use a high number of gallons per hour of recycled water flowing through powerful pumps. This allows it to work as a curtain with the help of gravity.  Rain descents form a wall with a gradual fall that mimics the sound of falling rain.

Many designers love to use this feature to create stunning areas, adding ambiance to your backyard oasis. If you are looking for a water feature to help you reduce stress and relax, rain descents are great for you and require only minimal maintenance.

Water Feature Rain Descent

What is the Best Brand to Buy?

Jandy, a division of Zodiac Industries, has the SHEER DESCENT® RAIN WATERFALL, which provides streams of water, creating a unique sight and sound.

This water feature gives a “rain” effect that mimics actual rainfall. To make the feature work properly, it requires eight gallons per minute per water per foot (gpm/ft) — the more water provided to the waterfall, the farther out the “rain” projects from the wall.

Jandy provides about 14 different models to choose from.  These come with measurements from one to six feet long and six to twelve inches of lip sheer descent.  Except for Sheer Rain Arc, the rest of the models available provides an area for illumination using fiber optic lighting.

Adding Rain Descents to Your New Pool

Rain Descents are not only a water feature but also a work of art.  Imagine having a structure overhanging your pool with a rain descent, can you visualize it?  The result is outstanding and will add the calming sound of falling rain to your pool.

If you are ready for a new oasis in your backyard, our designers are ready to help you.  If you already have a pool that needs an update, don’t forget to ask for a rain descent.  Don’t forget that Platinum Pools offers amazing water features, available in various designs and sizes, as well as other swimming pool add-ons, to help you create your dream pool or revamp your oasis.

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