Fire and Water Pool Feature

Including Fire Features In Your Pool Design

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Backyard living is becoming a standard home addition for many homeowners. While homeowners add outdoor kitchens, dining areas, terraces, outdoor TV’s, and speakers throughout their yard, fire features are on top of the list.

Many want to extend the hours they can use their pools and the surrounding environment, and fire features are the perfect solution. Fire features give an area to gather friends and relatives for crisp, moonlit nights with toasted marshmallows. There are many reasons why fire features should be included with your backyard swimming pool. One reason being that they will take a swimming pool’s beauty to the next level.

Types of Fire Features

Fire Bowls:

Fire bowls come in various designs and are usually incorporated around the oasis. The flames create pleasing and unique lighting around the pool. 

Glass Fire Media for Fire Bowl

Fire and Water Bowls:

Fire and water can provide a perfect balance when it comes to a swimming pool. Water is naturally the dominant element in the world of swimming pools, sending tranquility, relaxation, and freshness vibes. When adding it with fire, it takes an oasis to the next level. Combining fire and water bowls add a stunning pool feature to your backyard.

Fire Pits:

Fire pits are an inexpensive option, but it adds beauty and elegance. There are many options, including the size, or having a gas or wood-burning option. Concrete, steel, and brick are some of the materials used to build one.

Add Fire Pit


A fireplace near your pool becomes a “conversational piece.” It ties everything together and complements the interior and exterior of a home. Fireplaces go well on the edge of a patio along the side of a swimming pool, being a resource of light and warmth.  You can also include a fireplace on your patio underneath an outdoor structure.

Safety First

Fire hazards can occur but if these safety measures are followed they will help prevent:

  • Wind Direction – ensure in which direction the wind comes in before lighting a fire feature.
  • There is no need to use flammable fluids like gasoline or lighter fluid. In most cases, the fire features work with propane gas.
  • Loose-fitting clothing shouldn’t be worn if someone plans to light a fire feature.
  • Pine or cedar are not good for a fire pit. It can “pop” and throw sparks.
  • Keep children and pets safe. They should be at least 3 feet away from the fire.
  • If a homeowner is in an area prone to wildfires, they must close the fire pit as required by their home’s insurance.