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Heating Up Your Swimming Pool

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Recently the weather has been quite inconsistent.    But the reality is that Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching, and we have no idea of how the weather will be for the next three months.  On the other hand, there is no reason why homeowners should stop using their pools.   So, there is a possibility to enjoy a few days in the oasis. It is not a bad idea to think about the options for heating a pool.  There are several ways to heat the water in a swimming pool.

An Ecological Solution

Heat pumps are an ecological solution and the most recommended resource for heating the water in a swimming pool.

Like a home heat pump, the pool heat pump uses outside air to increase its water temperature. It does this by extracting heat energy from the air. It works like an air conditioner but in reverse. Most pumps incorporate the option to select the desired water temperature, making the experience more enjoyable.

The heating devices have two qualities: energy efficiency and noise reduction. In general, heat pumps for swimming pools are around 80% efficient, taking into account the energy consumed and the energy generated.  On average, for every kW consumed, it provides 5kW.  Also, many of them are now less noisy than before.

How to Choose the Right Heat Pump

When acquiring a device of these characteristics, we have to assess its qualities well. Ideally, it will last for many years, so homeowners must choose wisely:

The main factors are the number of gallons of water in an oasis and the pool’s measurements in cubic feet. These details will determine the type of heat pump it needs to work correctly.  Another important feature when purchasing a pool heater is the filter system. Will it help to install the pump independently or as an integral part of the filter equipment?

There are heating pumps that work independently from the filter system.  However, it is better to have it as an integral part of the equipment, and for a good reason.  It represents the flow of water used and how it helps to warm it step by step.

Latest Tips on Pool Heating

It is not a custom for homeowners in Texas to cover an oasis.  However, a pool cover can retain up to 94% of heat and efficiently help the pump work.  Many experts believe that the heat-loss happens on the water’s surface.  An automatic pool cover is the best way to keep heat in your pool.  Also, monitor the effect of the heat pump when temperatures are low. If it is under 41ºF, the consumption increases and requires more electrical power to generate additional heat.

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