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Custom Swimming Pool – The Best Holiday Gift!

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When customers ask when the best time is to build a swimming pool, the answer is always the same: anytime! There is no better time than the holidays to give your family the gift of a lifetime!

If you want to give your family this ultimate gift, you first need to figure out how you will let them know. Surprise! There’s no way you can put a swimming pool in a box and put it under the tree, right? Well, maybe there is! Some customers have surprised their loved ones with a scavenger hunt, a singing telegram, or inflatable floats. Another great way to surprise your family is to give them swimming lessons and then tell them, “We are getting a swimming pool!” however you decide to surprise your family, they are sure to be ecstatic. Believe us, giving your family an oasis for Christmas is the best surprise. Other than the surprise of a lifetime there are other reasons why the Christmas season is an ideal time to revamp your backyard.


The best return on your investment is seeing your loved ones happy. Not only does a swimming pool increase the value of your home, but you are also investing in memories for years to come. Many of our clients return to us or refer new customers to us because of our commitment to quality pools with minimal maintenance.

Financing Availability

One of the biggest benefits of borrowing through a financial institution that works with a swimming pool construction company is convenience. While you are requesting an estimate for your pool, our partner HFS can help you get the financing you need. HFS Home Improvement Loans works with both the contractor and you (the buyer), making your life easier and saving you time.

Have Your Pool Ready by Summertime

When you buy a pool during the Christmas season, you are laying the groundwork for enjoying it with your family in the summer. We have an excellent team that will guide you through the entire process – from design to finishing touches. On our website, you can also find ideas for an oasis that you can design for your family, with many different features and other options.

A Gift for the Whole Family

The Holidays are the perfect time to give your family one of the best gifts: a swimming pool that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Families appreciate spending a few hours together to choose the pool of their dreams. Talk to your loved ones and choose the best option together.

A Swimming Pool is Forever

Yes, a pool is forever. Not only diamonds belong to this category. Building an oasis in your backyard is for a lifetime, and there is nothing more beautiful than a property with a swimming pool. So, enjoy quiet moments, family gatherings, and lavish parties by the pool.

At Platinum Pools, we prove every day that how we build our pools and how we find financiers with experience in the pool industry makes a difference. Our team of pool experts strives to make building your pool as easy as possible. We invite you to visit our website and learn how easy it is to take the first step toward realizing your dream of a custom pool. We will help you make your dreams come true if you are considering a swimming pool this Christmas.