Efficient Ways to Heat Up Your Swimming Pool

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

One of the most important things for many customers is ways they can save money and make their swimming pool energy efficient.  When they first purchase a custom-made swimming pool, they think about fun and parties.  Eventually, they realize that the oasis deserves as much care as the rest of their home; this is why our company, Platinum Pools, gives a full orientation to new swimming pool owners about proper swimming pool care and pool equipment.  This helps ensure that new pool owners have the proper knowledge to easily maintain their new pools for the years to come.

If you have a swimming pool, you want to continue using it throughout the entire year, right? There’s no time for you to have to make major changes to extend the time you can use your oasis. Many of our clients purchase pool heaters to get their water temperature up to a comfortable temperature for winter swimming.

Are you one of those pool owners who has already bought a pool heater?  You may want to learn how you can save some money on fuel.  Remember that the price of both natural gas and propane has continued to go up over the years and will continue to rise in the years to come. Here are a few tips to help you save energy and will still allow you to enjoy your oasis throughout the colder winter months:

Swimming Pool Heating Energy Saving Tips

  • floating pool thermometerHave a thermometer in your pool. This will help you choose the most comfortable temperature for you.
  • Maintain the thermostat at the lowest setting. It doesn’t have to be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but whatever lowest setting that is still comfortable. Remember, each degree higher, represents a higher fuel cost and may be using more energy than what is necessary.
  • Place the thermostat dial to “comfort setting.” It will prevent accidental or careless over-heating, resulting in wasting energy.
  • Turn the heater off if it’s more than four days of not using the pool.
  • A hedge, cabana or a decorative fence makes a great windbreak for your pool. Winds over 3 miles per hour can lower the pool’s temperature.
  • pool coverA pool cover helps to reduce heat loss as much as 50%. Make it a habit of covering the pool when it’s not in use.
  • If you are on vacation or you’re shutting down for the winter, remember to shut off the heater, and any pilot lights.
  • Drain heater entirely before the winter season arrives. If water freezes inside the heat exchanger, it can lead to costly repairs.

Another way to save energy is by merely controlling the temperature directly from your heater.  Some heating units have an easy digital display with up and down buttons.  Other units have a pool and spa indicator, so you only select the area of your oasis that you want to heat up.

Remember that it’s essential to get an annual maintenance checkup to make sure all of your pool’s equipment is still working efficiently. At Platinum Pools, we have a team that can visit your home for an inspection of your pool equipment. Visit our website or call us 281.870.1600 (Houston), 409.898.4995 (Beaumont), or 361.576.0183 (Victoria). Remember, Platinum Pools can prove the difference.