Swimming Pool The Perfect Holiday Gift

The Best Holiday Gift! – Custom Swimming Pools

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When clients ask when the best time to build a swimming pool is, the answer is always the same; anytime!  But there is no better time than during the holidays, to give your family the gift of a lifetime!

When giving your family this ultimate gift, you’ll need to first think about how you are going to let your family know.  Surprise! There is no way of wrapping a swimming pool up in a box and putting it under the tree, is there?  Well, maybe!  Some customers in the past have surprised their loved ones by doing a scavenger hunt, a singing telegram or by giving their family inflatable pool floats.  Another great way to surprise the family is by giving them swimming lessons followed by telling them “we’ll have a swimming pool ready use at our house before it’s summer.” Whatever way you decide to surprise your family, they are sure to be ecstatic.  Believe us, giving your family an oasis for Christmas is the best surprise.  However, there are other reasons why the holiday season is an ideal moment to get a backyard oasis.


The best return on your investment is to see your loved ones happy.  Acquiring a swimming pool not only increases the value of your home, but you are also investing in memories for years to come.  Many of our customers return or refer new clients to us due to our dedication in providing high-quality pools with minimal maintenance required.

Accessibility Through Financing

One of the biggest advantages of getting a loan through a financial institution partnered with a swimming pool construction company is convenience.  While you request a pool design/quote, our partner, Lyon Financial, can help you obtain the financing you’ll need. Lyon Financial will work with both the builder and you (the buyer) making your life easier, saving you time.

Have Your Pool Available for Summer

Getting a pool during the Christmas season means that you are laying the foundations to enjoy it during the summer with your family.  We have an excellent staff ready to walk you through the process; from the design to the final touches.  Our website also provides ideas of what type of oasis you can have for your family, including many different features and other options.

A Gift for the Entire Family

During the holidays is the perfect moment to give your family one of the best gifts they’ll ever receive, a swimming pool, for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.  Chat with your loved ones and choose the best option together.  Families appreciate spending a few hours together deciding the pool of their dreams.

A Swimming Pool is Forever

Yes, a pool is forever. Not only diamonds are in that category. Building an oasis on your backyard is for a lifetime. There is nothing more attractive than a home with a swimming pool.  With a swimming pool, you and your family will enjoy tranquil moments as well as family gatherings and amazing parties together.

If you are seriously considering a swimming pool this Christmas, we are ready to lend you a hand to help make your dreams come true.  We, at Platinum Pools, prove the difference in the way we build our pools every day and finding financial lenders with experience in the swimming pool industry.  Our team of pool experts strives to help make the pool building process an easy one. We invite you to visit our website and find out how easy it is to take the first step in making your dream of having custom-made pool come true.