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Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

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Swimming pools are in a constant evolution; with transformations starting from the design down to the finishing touches.  Every step during the pool construction process becomes personal for the homeowner as they are building their dream pool. One of the most crucial decisions in pool design is selecting the shape of your oasis.    It is the seal of approval; the reflection of the human personality.  Despite it all, there are many different pool shapes to choose from, determined by the size of the backyard or landscape:


There are some pool shapes that lend themselves better to a landscape or surrounding structures. If an oasis is near the house, the pool must complement the house’s architecture. These types of pools typically have more formal lines, such as rectangular or oval that fit with the silhouette of the house.


The Freeform pool can adapt virtually to any curvilinear shape (circles not recommended). Many times, a kidney-shaped pool is considered a type of freeform pool shape. However, this shape has become a standard pool shape in recent years.

A Freeform design does not conform to any typical pool design pattern. They are usually used around elements in nature or to blend in with its surroundings. Garden elements like palm trees or hedges complement freeform oases well.

Freeform Pool Shape

Kidney – Shaped

The kidney-shaped pool is similar to an elongated oval with a notch at the middle end. It is a popular choice and goes well with any patio size.  Contrary to geometrical shapes with sharp lines and edges, this shape tends to give a more natural look.  Some pool owners place a few flower bushes around kidney-shaped pools for décor.

Kidney Shaped Pool


For those who want a pool for various activities, the 8-Shaped pool is ideal. The 8-shape provides excellent separation between a surface area and a broader area. For the young kids in the family, it is practical to carry out activities in the shallow area with full awareness of the separation between the shallow and the deeper area of the oasis.

8-Shaped Pool

L Shaped

This pool shape becomes a natural extension of the typical rectangular pool.  L-shaped pools provide an area to perform any aquatic exercise and another area for the not-so-experienced swimmers. Creating an entrance and exit on one end of the pool can help give a more pleasant appearance.

Roman and Greek

One of the most classic shapes, the Roman, as well as the Greek, is a simple design.  It has a rectangular shape, but with an accent of curved corners, giving a more elegant look.

Roman Shaped Pool

Remember that there is always a designer ready to guide you through the process of creating the swimming pool of your dreams.  After all, your oasis needs to be in harmony with your landscape, house, and any outdoor structures.

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