Add Spa To Your New Pool

Why You Should Include A Spa On Your New Swimming Pool Design

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It’s that time again!  Fall and Winter are upon us, and all we can think of is keeping ourselves warm.  Many look forward to that little time to relax in a spa.  But like all bodies of water, there are procedures that a spa owner must know.

Don’t shut off your spa during the winter.  Of course, as Texans, most do not cover the pool nor the spa; we heat it!  Don’t forget that even in Houston, Texas we can get colder temperatures and sometimes even some snow (remember last year).

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of using your spa all year long, right?  Here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of your new spa throughout even the coldest days of the year:

Staying Warm While Being Outdoors

When you take a soak in your spa, it allows you to be comfortable outside.  We are sure you don’t want to be running inside from the cold, right?

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Another benefit of why you should be enjoying your spa is to help relax your muscles and joints.  Let’s face it, while the cold weather can make it a bit hard to move, soaking in your warm oases will help reduce muscle and joint aches.

Celebrate the Season in a Warm Body of Water

‘Tis the Season to be jolly, and nothing is more joyful than having a great family gathering near or in a spa.

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Plan Your Exit from the Spa

We all know that it’s not the same getting out of a spa in the summer as it is in the winter time.  Before you go into your relaxing spa, plan your exit strategy for when you will be heading back inside.  Having a bathrobe within your reach is convenient.  The same goes for having slippers or rubber shoes to protect your feet from the cold.  If you happen to be in the tub with more people, plan accordingly so everyone can have their needed items within reach.

Also, be careful walking to and from the spa if there is ice on any surface.  A good pair of shoes or slippers with tread are excellent; it is imperative, especially if you are doing a quick walk across the yard to get into your home to have a pair of shoes to wear.

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How High Can It Go?

No matter what season it is, if you’re going to use your spa, the water temperature should not exceed 104°F.  Your body sweats to regulate heat; therefore, it cannot adequately adjust the temperature while in water.  You can suffer from heat stroke, light-headedness or become drowsy, which can cause drowning if the temperature is at its highest.

Another reason that the water may be too high, is the cold weather itself.  Since the head and shoulders stay exposed to cold air, it may confuse the internal temperature.  So, be conservative and keep it up to 100°F and no more.  However, many recommend a winter hat or a cold weather cap.  Sounds strange, but it helps to regulate the body temperature. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes in the tub at a time.

Remember to check your spa’s the pool thermometer for a more accurate current water temperature.  The hot tub thermostat will give you a temperature read, but it’s the temperature of the water that is the most important.