Lazy River Luxury Houston Pool

Pool of the Month – December 2022

In Featured Post by Platinum Pools

Location – Katy, Texas

Use your imagination to recreate your backyard into a mystical place.  Our featured project involved statues that the customer wanted to feature in their design that inspired our designer to design a version of Atlantis-oasis.  By adding a waterfall, beach entry, and a bridge to connect the “mainland” to an “island,” it reflects everything that gives a passage to Under the Sea.

The bridge not only has a rain descent, it also connects to the island that the lazy river goes around.

Here is the rain descent flowing from the bridge.  The sea horse guards the entrance to the lazy river.

By having the waterfall and the spa next to each other creates an everlasting flow of water that soothes the senses.

The bamboo fence has two functions:  it serves as a decorative feature behind the waterfall and the spa, but also serves to provide privacy on the rear part of the pool and lazy river. 

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