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Weeping Walls

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At Platinum Pools, we are excited to meet new people and continue building swimming pools for our fellow Texans.  As more pool owners are looking to build a new pool or renovate their oasis, some may want to add a water feature that will give them the sound of nature and relaxation.  Waterfalls are one of the most requested water features of the lot.

Reasons You Should Add A Waterfall To Your Swimming Pool:

Waterfalls Help Filter Your Pool’s Water

The constant water flow caused by the waterfall helps to circulate the water, keeping it healthy and crystal clear. By installing a waterfall, you not only get a beautiful water feature, but it is also practical in helping your pools water in staying cleaner.

Algae Deterrent

While the water flow provokes circulation, it also prevents algae from growing. Isn’t that fantastic?

Relaxing Noise

The sound of water flowing is one of the most prescribed by many physicians to help eliminate stress.

Adds Value to Your Home

When you add a new or renovate your existing swimming pool with a waterfall, you are updating and adding value to your property.

Waterfalls are able to convert a swimming pool into a space of leisure and relaxation at your very own home.  There are many different styles of waterfalls to choose from. One of the most interesting types, and most requested is the weeping wall.   We are not strangers of this popular water feature.  You can see it all over the place.  Even home designer aficionados love to have, at least, a small fountain with moss rock and water flowing between the rocks, and into a small pond.

Both designers and landscapers, know that weeping walls are one of the most essential choices to give that personal touch for your swimming pool.  No matter if it is an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool, the environment completely changes when your pool professional installs a waterfall.

Weeping Wall

What is a Weeping Wall?

Weeping walls are a type of waterfall made with moss rock boulders.  Contrary to other waterfalls, the weeping wall is not that high, but it can go along easily on one side of the oasis.  The water flows between the moss rocks to create a bubbling sound.  In most cases, you see weeping walls in freeform shaped pools.  The size should not exceed over two feet in height but can be extended from side to side.

Another great advantage with weeping walls is that you can add some plants to surround the area.  Many designers love to provide this waterfall alternative.  For extra benefits of adding plants to your oasis, ensure that the plants or flowers you use will repel insects from your swimming pool.

When it comes to deciding on a weeping wall, you must consider landscape conditions and the length of the waterfall itself.  Weeping walls come with adjustable flow controls so you can have it running in a smooth or heavy flow.

Now that you know how a waterfall works, and how versatile a weeping wall is, get ready to call us.  Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the swimming pool remodeling process.  Call us at 281.870.1600 (Houston), 409.898.4995 (Beaumont), or 361.576.0183 (Victoria).