Umbrella Pole Holder

Including Pole Holders With Your Swimming Pool

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Pool construction continues evolving as clients and homeowners request more accessories for their oasis. One accessory is the tanning shelf, and with it comes an in-pool umbrella to provide shade. It certainly looks cool. And for those who like to practice sports, adding a net to a swimming pool can bring hours of entertainment to kids and adults. Whether it is an in-pool umbrella or a net, you will need an essential piece to hold both accessories, the pole holder.  

Pole Holder Characteristics

Pole holders typically come in two sizes: 7.5 inches and five inches.


  • Great for umbrellas and volleyball poles
  • Install on the floor, step, tanning shelf, or deck

In-Pool Umbrellas

Keep in mind that an umbrella may be lower (in height). Add pole extensions to raise in-pool umbrellas above eye-poking level. Another consideration is to place the umbrella carefully to provide the necessary shade during different times of the day.  

Undoubtedly, the umbrella goes in the tanning shelf area. However, in an eight-inch depth, in-deck umbrella stand, your umbrella will be much shorter. Install umbrella pole extenders if needed.

Sports Nets

One of the popular sports to practice in a pool is volleyball. When building a new pool, add in-ground pool volleyball pole sleeves. It is one of those exercises that will make the muscles stronger by floating in the water while touching the ball. When building your new pool, ensure to add pole holders for your volleyball net. An in-ground pool volleyball set makes pool parties more fun.

It also includes a flush plug to cover the hole while not in use. Your pool builder can install it into your pool deck. When asking for a pole holder, make sure that it is at least seven inches high and about 2.5 inches in diameter.

Remember, if you are looking to enjoy any water sport or quality time with your family, your pool is the ideal place to have both. Don’t forget to consult your physician before you start any exercise routine.

Adding an in-pool umbrella or a sports net can bring a more resort-style ambiance to your backyard. Call our offices today at 281.870.1600. Our staff is ready to help. You can also visit our website, check our portfolio, and request a free quote.