Plants That Keep Bugs Out of Your Swimming Pool

Grottos and Waterfalls

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Many homeowners want various pool features to enhance their backyard. Amongst those features grottos and waterfalls are very popular. But when the time comes to a decision, will it be one or the other?

The Grotto

Imagine having one of our grottos in a pool and the kids having a grand time. A grotto must fit the pool’s design, specifically in size and depth. A small grotto fits well for a moderate-sized oasis, while for a deep, luxurious pool, then a bigger grotto is the best option. Light fixtures in a swimming pool grotto are adapted to a client’s needs, helping transform the pool’s look. In most situations, lights scattered through the area. On other occasions, others prefer simple lighting, with varied hues and sizes.

Pool Grotto with spa in the woodlands


Adding a waterfall gives a natural look and feel to your swimming pool. The sounds of flowing water cascading down a natural rock waterfall will transform any swimming pool into a backyard oasis.  

There are benefits of placing a waterfall in a swimming pool. Those advantages are: 

Timeless Addition: being a natural rock or modern- twist design, waterfalls are genuinely timeless. It is the crown of each body of water, including an in-ground pool.

Rest and Relaxation: Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work to wind down next to a pool. Experts say that the sound of water cascading helps to de-stress after a hectic day.

Water Filtering Benefits: the waterfall keeps water moving, enhancing the pool’s ability to clean itself and keep the water healthy for use. Moving water releases negative ions, helping to purify the water in the entire swimming pool. 

Uplift: waterfalls help to bring a new look to an existing swimming pool. Not only will that make it look unique, but it will also keep it beautiful for years to come.

Pool During a Freeze

If a homeowner decides on a waterfall, it will need a designed structural element to house the oasis and the feature. It is vital to consider measurements like length, height, and depth for a waterfall to fit the pool. The larger the waterfall, the more water will move in an oasis.   

Whichever a homeowner chooses for an oasis, Platinum Pools can help to make it come true. Visit our website or call us at 281.870.1600.