Pool Sanitizers

How Do Pool Sanitizers Work?

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Have you ever wondered how pool sanitizers work? Well, to understand more about them, keep in mind that there are many different pool treatments available. It is always good to ask a pool professional, but let’s give you a lowdown of what is available, how it works, and each one’s pros and cons.

What is a Pool Sanitizer?

Pool sanitizers clean the water in your swimming pool. It eliminates harmful pathogens that cause illnesses, and it helps to stop algae from developing.


The chlorine used for swimming pools has the name hypochlorous acid. It kills pathogens and materials from swimmers and the environment, making the water safer for swimming.


  • Available for ready usage
  • Kills or inactivated pathogens
  • It stops algae from developing
  • Destroy contaminants
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor pools
  • Maintains a residual concentration in the water


  • If pool water is not balanced correctly may have a smell
  • It can cause eye or skin irritation
  • Some Chlorine products may have other ingredients that dilute amounts of chlorine. 

UV Sanitizing System 

UV sanitizing systems work in hand with chlorine to keep your pool’s water clean. It works as a germicide, eliminating dangerous microorganisms in a swimming pool through the filter process.

No worries! Swimmers do not get exposed to UV light and the dangers that come with it. UV systems are excellent at eliminating pathogens.


  • Reduces chemical usage 
  • Inactivated parasites and other pathogens.
  • Disinfects water safely 
  • Low in maintenance 
  • No frequent trips to the store 
  • UV lamps last from 4,000 to 9,000 hours 

Which pool sanitation system to use?

Every pool and every pool owner is different.  Remember, each sanitation method has its own set of costs and requirements to consider. Don’t forget that Platinum Pools can help you design the backyard of your dreams.  Gives us a call today at 281.870.1600 or visit us online for a free quote.