Exercises You Can Do In a Swimming Pool

Incorporating The Swimming Pool During School Days

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August may represent the end of summer (and, of course, back to school for kids across the country), but that does not mean you have to say so long to fun in the pool.  It is a great time to enjoy your backyard pool even more with friends and family.  It is not only for those kids who attend a classroom but also for those who are home-schooled.  Let us give you a few tips to re-incorporate pool activity now that school is getting back into session.

Kids Who are at School

Families with children have a hectic time when it is back to school.  When you are not picking up books and schedules at school, you have errands to run for school supplies, clothes, and plenty of lunch snacks.  Everyone deserves a break. 

Host a Family Cookout

There are plenty of great reasons to host a poolside cookout with your family this summer – Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and more.  The whole family can enjoy delicious hot dogs, burgers, skewers, and more after spending a fun afternoon by the pool.  If you want to host an even bigger gathering, invite the neighbors or friends from work or church – there is always a reason to hang out by the pool and savor a delicious cookout.

Host a Back-to-School Pool Party

While it may seem like we have our pool parties planned just for summer break, this is a great time to relax and confidently start the new school year.  Why not give your child and yourself a little time off and have a back-to-school party?  It is the best way to ring in the school season with their classmates.  Use school colors in the decorations and let everyone a chance to share their best stories about the summer – and then what they are most looking forward to in the coming school year.

Eat Some S’mores and go Swimming in the Evening

There’s something special about swimming in the pool in the evening.  Invite a few friends for a night swim and splash around, light your fire pit and gather everyone around to tell stories around the campfire and, of course, eat delicious s’mores!  Why not put this activity on your calendar for the end of summer?

Start a New Routine

Yep!  School is back, but it is also a fantastic time for you to create and stick with new routines in the coming months.  There are great ways to unite the family and keep the love of water alive.  For example, start a family day at the pool – a welcome break from school and work – or an afternoon swim practice for the kids.  

Kids Who are Home-Schooled

Swimming pools are a great way to entertain children when they are not in class.  They can also incorporate them into school to make learning fun or encourage kids to take much-needed breaks from screens.  Here are some fun and easy tips to help you incorporate a swimming pool into your daily virtual learning schedule.

P.E. the at Home Way

There are many ways to exercise in the pool.  Depending on the participant’s skills, you can make the course as easy or difficult as needed.  To set up an obstacle course, you can use artifacts like hula hoops, beach balls, or floating noodles as challenges in and out of the pool.  Another great way to use the pool for a fun physical education class is water basketball.

Screen Breaks

Kids need to take a break from their screens during the day and get some fresh air.  What better way to give the brain a break than to go outside, lounge by the pool, or take a quick swim?  There is no better backdrop for yoga and breathing exercises than a swimming pool.  Both practices help calm the mind and promote concentration skills.

Educational Games

You can play several fun games with your kids to reinforce school material.  Pool games are fun and can also be a learning tool for your children.  For example, you can make a coin toss game where you throw different coins into the pool and let your child dive for them.  Once they have collected all the coins in the pool, count how much they are worth.

Parent Time

Let’s face it when children learn at home, it can be an extra strain on parents who are solely responsible for their kids learning.  There are moments when you need to relax.  Once they settle into their online classes, enjoy the moment by grabbing a book or a blanket or getting comfortable in a lounge chair by the pool.  You’ll return home invigorated and ready to tackle the next hurdles that come your way.

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