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Every homeowner dream of having a swimming pool on their property. Imagine a place where your family and friends can spend time together not to mention it increases the value of your home.

As we approach the end of summer, now is a great opportunity to start the process of adding a new swimming pool to your home. If you are ready to take the plunge, do not wait! Building a pool now has some advantages over others.

Installing a pool now will allow you to complete many tasks, such as having a finished pool by next summer, making the final payments, learning how to care for the oasis, and much more prior to school being out and the summer heat for next year.

When next summer comes, you will be ready to enjoy your new oasis. It is the time to learn about the pool system, the environment that makes your oasis so beautiful and have plenty of time to choose the perfect equipment for your oasis.

Here are some other reasons why now is the time to build an in-ground swimming pool:


At the end of summer, permit agencies typically have lower demand so they can process documents more quickly. It is important to understand each city or region has different filing requirements. A prospective pool owner may also need a permit/approval from their homeowners’ association (HOA).


Most people want to landscape their pool to make it look nice and create a pleasant atmosphere. Take advantage of the time to design and plant your backyard oasis after the pool construction has been completed. Building a pool is a messy process that can be very taxing on your lawn and landscaping. Building during the offseason allows your lawn and plants to recover prior to your summer pool parties. You may want to keep in mind that any plants you use in your landscaping are beautiful and functional, i.e., keep bugs away and complement the style of the pool.

Get Ahead of Inflation/Rising Interest Rates

The cost to build a pool is always increasing, especially over the last couple of years due to the costs of materials needed to build a pool, gas prices, and labor costs all increasing. On top of all these increases in cost, interest rates for those looking to finance their pools have also been going up throughout this year. To get ahead of rising costs and rates the sooner you can lock in a contract and rate the better off you will be.

If you start building a swimming pool now, you’ll have plenty of time to plan family celebrations for next summer. Remember, a pool that matches your home can fit into any space. Take the plunge and start making memories today!

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