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Intermatic Timers vs I-Aqualink Systems

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A swimming pool is the ultimate recreational space at home, and like everything, it requires maintenance to keep its automation in optimal conditions. An intermatic timer is a device to run your filter system at set times each day. It helps the filtering process automatically at set times throughout the day. A homeowner can also set various features like LED lights, spa jets, water features, and other amenities to work at specific times each day.

You can choose between an Intermatic Timer and an Automated Systems to run your pool’s pumps and features. Which one is the best for your swimming pool?

Intermatic Pool Timers

Intermatic Single Pool/Spa Timer

It has a heavy-duty mechanical switch providing up to 12 ON-OFF operations each day and a minimum ON-OFF time of 1 hour. All models have ON and OFF trippers available in either plastic or metal indoor/outdoor enclosures. The timer also includes an all-weather enclosure with one heavy-duty timer.

Intermatic Dual Pool/Spa Timer

The heavy-duty mechanical time switches provide a maximum of 12 ON-OFF and a minimum of one hour each day. It also has on and off trippers and a metal indoor-outdoor enclosure with two heavy-duty timer mechanisms.

Intermatic Electronic Time Switches 

Provide dependable and straightforward performance; plus, it gives regular programming for accurate load control, reducing energy costs. Other features include an automatic daylight-savings time, on and off adjustment, and non-volatile EEPROM memory. The last feature helps to protect the programming indefinitely. Temporary override or permanent manual override is available at reach using control buttons. They are efficient and economical.


Pool Automation Systems

Homeowners love to have control of everything in their homes, including a swimming pool. With today’s technology, pool owners are more inclined to select an automation system. It just happens that iAquaLink is a favorite.

The automation system helps program the filtering process and other items in a swimming pool from a cell phone. iAquaLink also provides an app for smartphones and tablets to control the oasis. 


The iAquaLink app controls the oasis anywhere, including:

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Solar Valves
  • Pool and Spa Temperatures
  • Waterfall
  • Spillover
  • Laminar jets
  • Light dimmers
  • Pool cleaners
  • Lights and color lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Filter and Booster pumps

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