Rolled Beam Spa

Rolled Beam-Edge for Spas

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If you are looking for a relaxing time in a spa, then consider including add a rolled edge. Sometimes a 90-degree coping can be uncomfortable when reclining in a spa, but it is the total opposite with a rolled edge. 

It is an art to designing a rolled-beam edge, and Platinum Pools’ designers can do just that. A rolled beam can make a real difference when it comes to the overall comfort of a spa.

In the past, spas were not comfortable, especially when designed and built together with swimming pools. Jet placements were arbitrary, and walls were almost 90-degree angle to the seats. But the most overlooked part was the coping. Coping with grab edges was not ideal for tall people, making it hard to relax. The back, shoulders, or neck can suffer after a while in a spa with sharp points on the edges.

Now, let’s take an example of a regular bathtub. No one notices it, but it does have a rolled edge. The tub’s shell has a structural strength measure and a comfortable area for leaning and resting your head. With this in mind, consider a spot to rest on while in a spa.

Nowadays, designers and builders tend to be much more considerate when setting up their concrete spas—consulting with clients about jet placements to achieve specific hydrotherapy effects. Also, turning vertical walls to a more inclined shape makes it less challenging to lean back and enjoy time in the water.

The coping size and thickness are essential when it comes to adding mosaic tiles. Not only is it a dream for backs and necks, but it’s also a great visual that highlights the presence of the tile and connects the interior of the spa to the surrounding space. Therefore, it is a great choice to use mosaic tiles. It easily covers the beam, especially for an all-tile spa, or selecting materials to handle the wet/dry conditions found on such an edge. It is a style that makes it look like a high-end resort. A pool contractor must have the best masonry and place steel stirrups shaped and ready to accommodate the concrete. It may cost more, but nothing beats comfort, does it?

Rolled Beam Spa Benefits

We all know that a spa also has benefits for a healthier lifestyle such as:

  • Stimulating peripheral and general blood circulation.
  • Helps boost the immune system.
  • Relaxing the muscles while alleviating low back pain, tendonitis, and other muscle conditions.
  • Helping to reduce stress and anxiety states.
  • Improving mental health, especially on patients with depressive disorders.
  • Eliminating toxins.
  • Improving breathing quality, making the lungs work better.

As with so many other fine details, there is no denying that with the rolled beam spas, clients will appreciate every time they sit themselves down in the water for a welcomed bit of relaxation. 

Remember to add a spa with a rolled beam edge, and don’t forget to call Platinum Pools. We are ready to design your dream oasis. Call 281.870.1600 or visit our website for more information.