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Swimming Pool Scuppers

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Water features bring beauty and excitement to a swimming pool. With so many features available, it all comes down to the imagination and preference of the homeowner when selecting which features you want to include with your pool. Scuppers are a popular request among future pool owners.

Some scuppers range from simple to extreme designs. Scuppers give an impressive visual and soothing sense as the water is in motion. Scuppers wake the pool designer’s imagination to take a swimming pool design in different directions, which is why they are a popular water feature to add to any custom-built pool.

What is a Pool Scupper?

In a swimming pool, scuppers bring water from another section into the pool. For example, a scupper can get water from a spa, raised wall, or column next to the pool. The feature has a traditional design, but it also gives a distinctive aesthetic look. 

The Zen Effect

The scupper helps to give the “Zen effect” to an outdoor family room. Listening to the sound of water is a great way to relax, and it has a calming effect. So, kick back and relax.


Scuppers come in different materials that can match a backyard’s decoration like copper, stainless steel, bronze, or stone. Anyone can have fun picking what fits best with their backyard oasis. 

Does Size Matter?

Scuppers come in many shapes and sizes. Our team of pool experts will be able to help you find the perfect shape and size of scupper for your pool.

If it Fits, Use It!

Scuppers fit in almost every pool design imaginable. It goes well with a raised spa or on walls that border a swimming pool.  The water feature often comes in pairs or sets of three. However, the homeowner can select as many as they want to enhance their dream pool.

Platinum Pools can build the backyard of your dreams. Our showroom has a variety of scuppers and other accessories available to make your pool a custom-made oasis. Call us today at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.