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Kamado Grill – Outdoor Cooking at its Finest

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More than 4,000 years ago, Chinese, Indians, and Japanese cooked their food in clay cups, using wood and coal as fuel.  Many historians and archaeologists published books revealing information of Indian tandoors, cylindrical clay ovens ideal for slow cooking, and Mush kamados, round ceramic pots with a removable dome shape, ideal for making steamed rice.

The Kamado first came to the United States after World War II.   Ed Fisher was on military assignment in Japan when he first saw a Kamado kiln in 1950.  

The first Kamados, made in clay, arrived in the United States.  Unfortunately, due to weather conditions and high temperatures, the kilns didn’t last long.  Recently, Kamado manufacturers developed stronger kilns, with better insulation that can hold more than 900 degrees and maintain heat for more than 12 hours.  Platinum Pools has the kamado grill available as part of the outdoor kitchen experience.  

Kamado Grill

Advantages of Kamado Grill in Your Outdoor Kitchen

  • Retains Heat – Heat stays inside the Kamado, heating the food without drying it out
  • Safe for Different Areas – Although Kamado is recommended for outdoor areas, you can use it in patios, or sometimes balconies.  It may even have a smoking function, but it barely produces any smoke.
  • Fuel Savings – It uses one-third of coal less than a normal grill.
  • Appearance – Its design and colors can make any outdoor kitchen attractive
  • Quick Turn On – It only takes 15 minutes to be ready to use
  • Safety – Even if the Kamado is warm inside, it stays relatively cool outside
  • Easy Cleaning – The residual heat dissolves any grease, just like a furnace with pyrolysis.

If anyone is looking for versatility, then the Kamado is what any cooking aficionado wants.  It is one of the most versatile cooking tools found amongst the variety of grills and barbecues on the market.  This form of grilling is not only good for roasting and smoking meat and fish but also is perfect as an oven for cooking at low temperatures.  Because of its ceramic construction, it helps preserve the real flavor of food. 

One of the elements that make the biggest difference is the deflector. This accessory is versatile and indispensable since it allows roasting, or roasting and smoking the food at the same time.  Since the process goes through indirect heat, cooking in a Kamado takes longer to prepare, but the food never dries out.  The “ceramic pot” is excellent for other foods that, regularly, you don’t find in a traditional grill like baking bread, stews, pastries, and even pizza.  Many around the world already tested this grilling format, and the results are astounding.

The Kamado Grill Today

In recent years, the use of the Kamado is becoming popular, not only in the United States but also in Canada and Northern Europe.  Still, in some European countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece, it’s a new concept that is now becoming popular.

You may find a version of the Kamado in some stores.  But, be aware!  There are some made in metal with a double insulated wall (like a thermos).  However, metal doesn’t have the properties of keeping your food perfect as a ceramic dome does.

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