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Hydrotherapy At Home

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Hydrotherapy can help and treat various health issues. This whole-body treatment mainly involves the movements of water and water pressure. Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that can be performed in your own pool or spa. Adding hydrotherapy to your pool or spa can provide you with many convenient, at-home, health benefits. So, if you want to save your time and money, consider adding hydrotherapy options to your own custom pool today!

The pools that are used for hydrotherapy are somewhat different from the regular pools. The pressure, temperature and the movement of water is all controlled. These factors are completely customizable and suited to fit your own comfort levels and specifications. Hydrotherapy is prescribed by doctors to help treat and alleviate various health issues. Apart from being prescribed by doctors, hydrotherapy is also used for the improvement of overall health and fitness. Athletes commonly use hydrotherapy to help repair and heal their muscles.

Hydrotherapy is known to help alleviate:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Back pain
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle aches
  • Bad blood circulation
  • Inflammation and pain in muscles
  • Headaches
  • Any kind of injuries in muscles and ligaments
  • Broken limbs
  • Neurological conditions like brain injuries and stroke

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:


Hydrotherapy pools consists of the moving water with various pressures and currents that help massage different muscles. As a result, your body will be relaxed. The water pressure aims to release muscle tension, just as a normal massage would. It also improves flexibility, enhances the digestion, and strengthens your immunity system.


Typical hydrotherapy pools are set at warmer temperatures. The rise in the temperature helps with the dilation of blood vessels increasing blood circulation and flow. Heat can also help your body release and eliminate toxins; decreasing the inflammation and ultimately restoring injured muscle tissue. Combined with water pressure, the heat and temperature of the water is designed to completely relax and sooth sore muscles.


The buoyancy of the water will reduce your body weight by almost 90%. This can help relieve the pressure on the spine, ligaments, and joints. This kind of treatment is best for those suffering with arthritis. Buoyancy reduces the stiffness in the body and allows you to move more easily. The gentle resistance in the water will also help with rebuilding strength.