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Swimming Pool’s Finishing Touches – Choosing an Interior Surface Color

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We all know that water has no color.  How do we understand the effect of different colors in a swimming pool has on the color of the water?  For example, we all think that the water in a pool is blue, but, what a person sees is the reflection of the sky onto the water.  Of course, if the color inside the oasis is blue, then it is enhancing the tone.  If you don’t want to stick with the traditional blue water look for your pool, there are a few other colors you can have for your pool’s interior surface. It may be red, yellow or black.

The color of the pool is one of the main aspects to consider.  The most common colors are blues and whites, but now there is a variety of finishes and colors available to choose from. The color scheme you choose will help determine the aesthetics of the pool, so it is vital that you get it right.

Selecting a color for inside your pool will make it look unique and different.  Today, many prefer colors like white, gray, black, red, earth-tones or a variation of blue.  How can the colors affect not only the decoration but on off-season?  Let’s look at some of your color options:

Earth Tones

An earth-toned coating is one of the most coveted since it reproduces an effect like that of some Caribbean beaches. The tonality is prone to change when the weather conditions vary.   Without a doubt, it is one of your best options if you live in a very sunny area.

color pebble pool


We all know that the color of water, in most cases, is sky blue.  But, of course, we can see the sky reflected upon the swimming area.  However, using the color inside the pool reinforces saturation.  For most people a blue swimming pool represents clean, fresh water from a stream, causing a relaxing effect.  If a client and the family is looking for relaxing, then the blue sky is the perfect color.   With the new trend of mosaic tiles, people are recurring to different hues of blue for their oasis.


When it comes to basics, there is nothing like white.  It is perfect for sunny, almost Summer weather states, as well as it helps maintain water temperature.  Besides, the color white highlights the floor surrounding the pool as well as to bring out decorative elements and accessories inside the pool.

white pebble pool interior surface


Interesting enough, gray makes the water in your pool look like sea water, with darker tones.  Another advantage is that it covers the dirt and helps increase the water temperature.  


Black is the most suitable color for your pool if you want the water temperature to be higher all year round. The color helps to prolong the use of the swimming pool, and, high in energy savings for heating the pool.   It is one of the most advanced coatings, and with it, you can obtain spectacular designs.


Along with orange and pink, red is one of the colors that have been used more in recent times. For the more daring, this may be the special touch they were looking for in their pool.

The way you will get those beautiful watercolor effects in your swimming pool depends on the finishing.  By using pebble, quartz, polished or tile finishes, each has a different degree of texture.  Therefore, the size and shape will provide different shades of color.  By the way, remember that the smaller the surface, the smoother the color.

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