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Mini Jets – Swimming Pool “Wow Effect”

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There is nothing that soothes the soul as much as the view and sound of moving water. That is why water features are such a popular and fast-growing improvement for pools and their environments.  When you add water features to your pool, it adds both beauty and excitement to your backyard oasis.  There are endless water feature choices available anywhere from gushers and scuppers, to weeping walls and grottos.  Mini jets (also known as pencil jets and deck jets) are a very popular water feature to add to pools that are a geometric shape design.

Jandy Deck Jet

Mini jets are not only fun and exciting but also creates an arc of water that goes from the deck into the pool or spa.  One of the most popular deck jets includes the Jandy Deck Jet series.  They come in any combination, with an adjustment to 360 degrees, open to use your creativity for combining exciting effects.

Mini Jets

Jandy Mini Jet

However, most of our clients who request deck jets prefer the Jandy Mini Jet.  This specific model provides a water stream at 45 degrees and up to 13 feet from the deck or under the coping.  Other advantages include:

  • It comes with cover plates in colors that match most popular pool finishes.
  • It contains a Flow Control Mini Jet nozzle, making it easy to adjust.
  • Adjustable angle between 30 and 60 degrees.

Pencil Jet Water Feature

6 Different Models

Don’t think that mini jets only come in one model.  The Mini Jet comes in 6 different models, so your pool builder can choose the right one based on your specifications and pool design.  Since our pools are made from concrete, these are the models that we primarily use:

  • FCMJ1000 FlowControl, with adjustable nozzle. Available in a 4-pack set with flow control nozzles, 4 brass and white cover plates.
  • FCMJ1050 FlowControl, with adjustable nozzle and adjustment tool.
  • FFMJ Standard Minijet Niche with Comet Nozzle, designed for gunite pools; a single unit including a white cover plate.
  • FFMJ-FN1 MiniJet Fan Nozzle, 3⁄8″ and FFMJ-FN2 MiniJet Fan Nozzle, 1⁄2″ these come in a single unit package, including a white cover plate; the fun part of this model is that it projects a fan-shaped display.

So, if you are considering a geometric designed swimming pool, make it unique with mini jets.  It will give add a “WOW Factor”, as well as the peaceful view and sound of flowing water that your family and guests will enjoy.

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