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How to Select the Perfect Sized Spa

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Many clients want a pool and spa to complete the outdoor experience. A spa can be adjacent to your pool, raised, or separate from your pool; the bottom line is that people want a spa to relax and relieve stress. Spas are a beautiful pool feature that can help keep your family healthy.

Once a homeowner decides to live the pool and spa lifestyle, it is time to make a number of choices for your dream backyard oasis. The size of your pool and spa is an important thing to consider, and the choice depends on a few details: 


In most cases, space and the design will determine how big or small the spa will be. A pool professional will be able to explain the options available.  

How Many Can Fit?

The number one consideration; how many people do you want the spa to accommodate. If it is a couple, then a two-person spa is the way to go—however, most customers like a spa that can fit up to four people. Now, for larger families (six or more), a more extensive spa comes in handy.  


The average height is a little under 5 feet 4 inches tall for women, and men are about 5 feet 9 inches tall. Usually, the design of a spa is for average-sized people in mind. A standard spa is 3.5’ deep. So, a person that measures below average height may have to sit on the edge of the seat. If a person is tall, they may have a legroom problem or trouble keeping their shoulders submerged.  

Remodeling a Pool? Add a Spa!

Many homeowners add a spa as part of a pool renovation. Not only does it give year-round enjoyment, but it also helps to keep the family in tune with nature. 

Add Value to a House

We know that pools can add value to a home, but the amount may vary. On the other hand, adding features like a spa can increase the value up to 50% of the initial cost, especially if that feature complements the property.

It is Time to Select a “Spool

If a person is above average and has an uncomfortable time in a spa, or your backyard is limited on space to include both a pool and a spa, then a spool is the answer.

The spool is the combination spas and pool in one. There are many advantages in building a spool in your backyard if:

  • The backyard is small.
  • The combination of a swimming pool and a spa rolled up in one.
  • Flexibility: keep it cool for swimming or warm with jets for therapy and relaxation.
  • Use it all year-round.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • It takes little space, but it is ideal for anyone.
  • It complements a backyard when not in use, especially when it looks like a water feature. 

Remember to add spas to your pool, and don’t forget to contact Platinum Pools. Our staff is ready to design your dream oasis. Call 281.870.1600, or visit our website for more information.