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Pebble Interior Surfaces and its Advantages

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Pebble interior surfaces continue to be a popular item in custom-built swimming pools.  If you want an oasis in your backyard and less maintenance, a pebble plaster finishing is what your pool needs.

Keep in mind that a pebble is more expensive than your typical pool plaster, but it has a longer lifespan.  The surface does not absorb pool chemicals, resists algae growth and staining thanks to its non-porous texture.  On the other hand, the typical pool plaster needs more maintenance since it has a shorter lifespan, and its porous texture is a “magnet” for algae and stains.

Pebble Interior Surfaces – What is it?

A pebble interior surface is a mixture of hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles or glass. 

The Process

  1. Mixing – combine cement, water, pigment, and additive to create the material.  It goes after applying the concrete.
  2. Pneumatic Spray  – the combination is then pumped through a hose.  The pebble tec goes through a pneumatic spray designed to give even coverage.
  3. Hand Troweling – after the spray application, installers hand-trowels the pebble tec creating a more compact surface.  Technicians wear special shoes with spikes to protect the finishing item in many cases.
  4. Exposure – the next step is to use a water spray to remove excess cement; it helps to expose the pebbles or glass beads.
  5. Detailing – the pressure washer with acid solution helps remove any excess residue or film from the pebble finish after the hardening period.  In some cases, and depending on particular finishes, it may need a light buff during the cleansing treatment to bring out the natural beauty of the finish.
  6. Completion – once the installation process is complete, fill the pool with water, reference your pool care instructions, balance the chemicals and begin swimming!

Choosing Colors and Textures

Various colors range from white to black and in-between.  Choosing a color can confuse the homeowner since some colors are modern and cool or bright and summery.  In the long run, the designer can help select the one that may, with the finishing effects that will give elegance to the new oasis.  Another factor is that the texture can give a decisive moment.  It is essential to learn that smaller pebbles are the best; they are less likely to scrape or hurt your feet, and the surface is anti-slip and stain-resistant.


Pebble interior surfaces offer a unique design that can fit into an overall design scheme.  The advantage is that it creates a natural oasis feel to your backyard, and it can go entirely into a home’s design.

Less Maintenance 

Save time and money with a pebble interior surface.  It is stain-resistant, anti-slip, and non-porous.  However, check the chemical balance of your pool water at least twice a week to avoid calcium build-up.  Make sure that the total balance is between 7.4 and 7.5.  Otherwise, it can lead to scale build-up, and in most cases, it may involve draining the pool.

For the past four years, Platinum Pools has been an award-winning pool company by Pebble-Tec International.  We commit to our clients to provide the best for their oasis and provide a long-lasting product.  Call us today or visit www.platinumpools.com for a free quote.