Pergola – Decorating Ideas

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Summer is around the corner, and you may want to spend your Saturday mornings working in the garden.  When you spend time under a pergola after a well-deserved break, you can enjoy a shaded area in your backyard, some privacy or create a dining area to share with the family.

Pergolas are a backyard oasis feature that creates a shaded area with vertical posts and pillars. Sometimes, vines go around these creating a natural protector of the sun while, at the same time, helps to provide a natural oxygenation area.

Pergolas serve as a link to open gardens, terraces, or swimming pools.  However, these freestanding structures also provide a shaded sitting area.  If you want to install a pergola with your swimming pool, look at these ten ways to decorate your pergola.


Curtains are a staple when it comes to providing privacy while using a pergola.  It also controls the amount of sunlight.  But most of all, it is a decorative item that lets you give that personal touch to your oasis.

Garland Lights

Garland lights are everywhere, even for a child’s bedroom.  By adding a string of lights to a pergola provides a fun way to decorate, provide a romantic look, and extend the use of a pergola all through the evening.

Hanging Bench

For years, hanging benches were a staple.  Go to a front or back porch and you will likely see one.  A hanging bench gives a creative way to decorate your pergola while it gives a playful form resting, or a cozy place to sit comfortably and relax while you enjoy your favorite beverage.

Pergola on top of Your Pool

South Pacific is a theme if you are looking to give a special look to your backyard.  Place a pergola on a body of water or even, over the swimming pool and you create a charming area for practicing yoga, meditation or a massage session.  Don’t forget to add curtains and lights to make it a great place to relax.


Adding an awning to your pergola can also protect you from sun rays or to enjoy a refreshing evening.  There are automatic awnings where you can cover the sunshine or protect you from the rain.


Dining Area

Converting the pergola area into an outdoor dining area gives a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family.  Adding lights like a hanging chandelier or modern light fixtures adds a touch of elegance to your events.

Go Mediterranean

By placing a hammock, lots of plants and a seating area, it gives a pergola a practical and functional option.  Lush plants provide protection from the sun while it refreshes the area.  The perfect Mediterranean décor for your backyard.

Garden Area

A pergola will not steal space in your garden; on the contrary, install some slate and add a few favorite flowerpots.  Garden plants will also give you an air of privacy.   Add some chairs or a hammock and you have a relaxing place.    

Child’s Play

Pergolas are strong structures that can hold even a child’s swing.  Place one or many swings, and your children will enjoy these on a strong structure while it integrates into the whole backyard. 


Decorating for the Occasion

Special events mean unique decorations.  If you have a wedding, a christening or any romantic occasion, decorating your pergola with flowers or curtains, make it a strong point of conversation.

Pergolas are versatile in many ways.  We hope these ideas can trigger your creative mind to give your backyard your personal and unique touch.  Happy decorating!

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