Sunken Lounge

Sunken Lounges – A Trend in Outdoor Living

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Are you tired of seeing the same flat backyard?  Let us inspire you with some focal points such as a sunken lounge.

Since the mid-1950s, sunken parlors became the rage, especially when designing mid-century homes.  Today, you can see sunken areas (also known as conversation areas) appearing in backyards across the country.

With a sunken lounge, you have encouragement for having an intimate conversation; it helps focus your attention inward or even enjoy the landscape that surrounds you.

Sunken Lounge With Fire Pit


Although there are very few sunken lounges inside homes, there are advantages to having one outdoors.  You can create emotion and energy in your garden by creating one or more levels, even if you have a flat plot.  It can help define individual spaces in large areas – the dynamics become noticeable when you add a new level with a few steps.  Check out these few advantages:

  • Sunken lounges become the center of attraction every time you entertain guests. If you enjoy hosting parties or dinners, a sunken lounge also can serve as a dining room area or even a bar.    
  • They are not just for fire pits anymore. Fire pits are very popular in sunken areas but are not the only feature you can add to a sunken lounge.  Imagine creating a cozy space with patio furniture or just a kitchen to level with a swimming pool. 
  • Place your outdoor furniture – you can add new seating options based on your current needs such as wooden benches, a large sofa, or even several wicker armchairs.

Sunken Lounges and the Swimming Pool

Designers are thinking outside the box when it comes to working on your swimming pool.  That’s right!  Some designs include a sunken lounge with a fire pit, a table or seating areas right in the middle of the oasis.  Even in the summertime, a center table goes well.  If you are considering this recommendation, remember that it will need an entrance; a beautiful bridge can create a conversational piece and, even, make your oasis more exciting.

Other Ideas

You can combine a sunken lounge with a pergola or a pavilion and create a beautiful place to rest in the open air.  Adding patio furniture will take a whole different meaning to the outdoor family room. 

Another trend is in creating a sunken area next to the pool for a bar or kitchen.  The concept is convenient since it creates a counter with in-pool chairs for drinking and eating without coming out of the pool.

What you need is a small change in the height of the room, along with a couple of steps that accentuate the effect. The area can be anything like an outdoor dining area or a speakeasy.

As always, the design of your home and comfort are the most important, and the sunken lounge is no different. Instead of going for traditional designs, we can add a dash of excitement to the outdoors with innovative new interpretations of sunken living areas. Some prefer it simple with just a fire pit while others go with extravagant designs.

Sunken lounges promise to change the landscape and give a sense of privacy, even in a large and open courtyard. 

If you are ready for a new oasis in your backyard, don’t forget that Platinum Pools has the best designers ready to revamp your backyard with amazing water features, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and, yes, sunken lounges.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria.