Halloween Pool Party

Plan a Last – Minute Halloween Pool Party  

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Halloween is here, and you may have people come over to celebrate.  The swimming pool is the perfect area for a spooky centerpiece.  You may have to get into the last-minute spooky rush, but you may find decorations much cheaper than expected.  There is no time to host a haunted house, but here are some last-minute ideas for turning your swimming pool into a spooky adventure. You can include floating candles, bobbing pumpkins, and creepy limbs in your Halloween décor for an extra chilling effect. 

Pool Color and LED Lights

Floating LED lights offer soft, customizable lighting you can control with a remote.  Various colors and sizes are available to create different looks. Enhancing the ambiance of your red pool by adding floating orange lights can create a beautiful backdrop for a Halloween gathering.

Bobbing Pumpkins

To add a spooky touch to your pool party, carve pumpkins as usual and then use glow sticks to illuminate them while they float in the pool. Alternatively, you can avoid the mess by drawing jack-o-lantern faces on the pumpkins with a permanent marker and lighting up the pool with LED lights.

Create a Pool Float Display

Create a spooky pool float display with skeletons or witches, or add cute Halloween decorations like pumpkins, fall flowers, and squash for a less creepy time.  You can add a game of ring toss as a poolside centerpiece!

Skeletons – The Life of the Party!

Using skeletons can be an easy and creative decoration for a spooky-themed pool party. You can stretch one out on a lawn chair or place one in a pool tube and let it float in the pool. There are multiple ways to get creative with plastic skeletons! Just ensure they are made of plastic and can hold up well in the pool water.

Food and Drinks

When we see an exquisite dish presentation, we typically want to taste it without asking about the ingredients.  However, when it comes to Halloween, the food is not always a “love at first sight.” Halloween does not require a “beautiful” appearance but a terrifying and monstrous look to seek attention. On the other hand, you don’t have to go too far for that.  Some dishes are easy to make on your own.

Deviled eggs are one of the most popular hors-d’oeuvres. Another popular Halloween party snack is candied apples.  Whether green or red, cover them with chocolate, caramel, or liquefied colored sugar.

How about a well-designed table with Halloween trays holding candy, fruit, beverages, and cupcakes?

We are sure that, with our last-minute tips, you will have the best Halloween pool party. Share your pool party photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.