Plunge Pools and its Benefits

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As space is an ever-challenging issue to fitting a swimming pool in a backyard, plunge pools are becoming a popular home item throughout the United States. Plunge pools offer a great alternative to a traditional full-sized swimming pool.  

What is a Plunge Pool? 

Plunge pools are small swimming pools that offer similar features to their full-sized counterparts but compact designs. Plunge pools are generally 8×8 feet to 8×16 feet. Since there are many shapes to choose from, the absolute volume can vary.

There is no rule stating how deep a plunge pool must be to earn the name, but most are around 4-5 feet deep. People who want to exercise may request a deeper oasis, and people who want to sit on a shelf inside the pool may want it to be a bit shallower.


Plunge pools get their name from the small, water pools that usually happen at the bottom of waterfalls. It focuses on relaxation in the water, contrary to active swimming or exercise. It usually comes with built-in seating designed to relax and unwind easily.

While the focus is on sitting in the water, the plunge pool can also be a place for swimming and exercising. Adding swim jets can convert your plunge pool into a great place for a workout while remaining in one spot through water resistance.

Water Temperature

Typically, plunge pools are cold bodies of water. However, some use it as a spa at certain times while it is suitable as a refreshing pool in other moments, these are often referred to as spools. A heater can make the pool remain a comfortable temperature all year for people who use their pools to exercise or enjoy a quick dip even in the winter.

Some athletes choose to maintain their plunge pools at low temperatures (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit), while many prefer average swimming pool temperatures (75-85 degrees). There is no particular ‘right’ temperature for a plunge pool, just your personal opinion.


Plunge pools can be an excellent addition to any home. They are almost every bit as versatile as traditional swimming pools. There are other great benefits too: 

  • It enables people who do not have space for a conventional swimming pool to fit a pool in their yard. 
  • They are inexpensive to operate with heating, filtration, and cleaning. The savings may not seem like much at first, but they can add up to a substantial amount over the years of ownership. 
  • It increases property value. From a buyer’s perspective, it can increase interest for being an attractive addition to the home.  

Get a Custom-Designed Plunge Pool

Platinum Pools has a team of designers ready to create the plunge pool to fit your needs. Whether it is a modern sophistication, timeless classic, or something in-between, we make it using quality materials built to last. It is an investment that you can benefit from for years to come. Call us today at 281.870.1600 to learn more about our plunge pool options.