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Swimming Pool Designs That Convert a Backyard into a Staycation

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The best way to beat the Texas heat is by taking a dip in a refreshing swimming pool and having one in a residential backyard is even better.  The oasis continues to evolve by adding accessories like waterfalls, water features, spas, and other elements to enhance a backyard.  Some options and materials help match a swimming pool with the architectural design of a house and the surrounding area. 

How about incorporating different areas for sitting or for an outdoor structure? Or better yet, adding a fire pit for nighttime gatherings?  Well, the reality is that many people believe that it requires ample space for a swimming pool.  However, at Platinum Pools, our designers believe that a large yard is no longer a requirement.  The beauty of this theory is that some shapes and sizes can accommodate medium and small yards.  

Tropical-Shaped Swimming Pools

A homeowner doesn’t need to book a flight to the Caribbean.  Tropical-shaped pools are excellent, adding plenty of plants, adding rock structures, a mix of stones, and beautiful flowers to create the tropical vibe.  Also, adding a beach entry will help to give that finishing touch for your Caribbean home retreat.

Modern-Shaped Pool

Modern-shaped pools go well with a modern-designed home.  Modern designs include some of the geometrical elements like sharp, cut edges or circular areas to establish segments like a tanning ledge or an in-pool table and bar stools with a bit of imagination.    There are two infinity edges (one straight and one curved), a circular pool entry, and a circular spa on the other end.  A neatly trimmed grass, lush plants provide a natural touch.  


This freeform-designed pool is all-inclusive. It has two tanning ledges and fire and water bowls.  There is also a raised spa with a spillway, gushers, and an impressive waterfall with a slide and grotto. The slate decking provides enough space for outdoor furniture. The combination creates a natural ambiance that fits with the home.

Geometric-Designed Pools

A geometric-designed pool doesn’t need to be boring.  This oasis has a marble tile interior and coping, combined with the gray polished concrete deck for consistent decor. Adding pencil jets provide sound and vision, while the LED lights complete the futuristic look.   Simplicity can go a long way.

Other Ideas


Call it geometric or modern, but this beautiful oasis is a great example of a segmented pool.  The concept has three connecting sections.  First, it has a raised spa with a bridge spillway; the center has a tanning ledge, in-pool bar stools, and pencil jets. For the third section, the designer created a raised pool, excellent for swimming laps—the mix of Pebble Tec interior surface with a mosaic tile waterline creates a more attractive look.  The raised wall has a straight-line fire pit covered by a beautiful archway. 

Mosaic Inlay Tiles

There is nothing better than mosaic tiles for homeowners who want a low-maintenance pool. Most mosaic tiles come from recycled glass or ceramic.  Although it can be an expensive item, it may pay off a little in the long run.   It helps to reduce time and cost in chemicals and maintenance.  Mosaic inlay tiles give a shimmer and shine to a swimming pool, and with a variety of colors and shapes, it provides a custom look to an oasis.

designers can help a client’s creativity and inspiration to build a custom oasis that makes a backyard more attractive.  It goes with a sense of style and art while providing a place to relax and rewind. We can prove the difference.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote