Throw a Pokémon Go-Themed Pool Party The Old-Fashioned Way

In Party Planning by Platinum Pools

Odds are, you’ve heard all about this summer’s hottest craze, Pokémon Go. If you have kids, you’ve known about the world of collectible pocket monsters for some time, and just because the biggest game of the summer is confined to your favorite cell-enabled device, that doesn’t mean the fun stops at the water line. The folks at Platinum Pools think that every big trend has a place in the water and all you really need is a little bit of creativity and a couple of fans (of any age)!

Step 1: Summon Your Favorite Pokémon With The Right Apparel

There’s a good chance that if kids of any age are going to be at this pool party, that many of them will have some type of Pokémon-themed swimsuits. If they don’t, that’s quite alright! This is where imagination comes in handy. Here are some DIY ideas designed to keep fans involved and looking good:

  • Have your partygoers draw masks made out of paper or cardboard of their favorite character, have them color them with markers or crayon and fasten them with string. Pro-tip: Find pre-made patterns and designs online and make them in advance – make extras, as these may not hold up in the water!
  • Buy Pokémon-themed swim apparel online. Pro-tip: Purchase plain white t-shirts in bulk and let your guests decorate them according to their favorite character and their favorite teams! Be sure to provide the right art supplies (we also suggest steering clear of the carpet)

Step 2: Snacks for Pokémon Hunters

Of course, after a long day of searching for wild Pokemon, one will become a bit restless and hungry. We believe that while quality requires time and effort, there’s something to be said about making quick snacks that win over any fan base.

Check out these suggestions from an inspired Pinterest user, who has what might be one of the most inspirational collection of Pokémon recipes out there. Your end product doesn’t have to be perfect, and you shouldn’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. Research the recipes, purchase the ingredients in advance and prep early so you can enjoy the big day with your human and monster friends! Be sure to provide both colorful and cute food choices as well as water – even the most passionate fan needs plain cool water on a hot day.

Step 3: Make It Clear Why You Throw The Best Pokémon Parties

Imagine the surprise that your partygoers will have once they arrive to the party and see Pikachu-themed balloons and cute DIY Pokémon signs letting the rest of the world know that the hottest party of the summer is all because of you! Some basic things you may need (and ideas) include:

  • Bright Pokémon-colored balloons, with each one decorated as a character’s face. These would go great alongside the pool or in front of the house or pool fence to let everyone know where the party is at. All you need are balloons, markers and string – helium optional.
  • DIY Pokémon yard signs. Find a template online and trace out the logo, iconic images such as Poke-balls and Team Rocket (they’re the baddies, if you’re out of the loop), and for added emphasis, trace out and color in a big Pikachu – the unofficial mascot – and have it be visible to everyone at the party. All you need for this is a medium – you can buy banner paper, canvas, cardboard or anything that suits the conditions outside at your local art supply or crafts store, ink pens in the colors of each design, and a little bit of time looking up Pokémon image ideas online. Pinterest is a treasure trove for these types of things.

Have a Safe & Fun Pokémon Party by Taking a DIY Approach

By making your own decorations, you will be the envy of parents and fellow Pokémon Go fans everywhere. Ensure that if you use paint, to cover any sensitive surfaces such as couches, carpet and wood. Better yet, take the party outside and bring a fan – not only will it help keep the artists cool, but it’ll keep your interior clean and it helps increase circulation of fresh air. Be sure to provide cold water along with other summertime drinks, as there is no greater enemy to the summer than dehydration. And finally, plan your pool party in advance – in addition to invitations, supplies and snacks, be sure to have a well-stocked First Aid kit and if children are present, make sure that adult supervision is present at all times. By planning ahead and being safe while having a good time, you can bet that your party will be talked about for years to come.